Making Life Worth it…


Anytime, you’re at The Castle in Wakefield, by a fireplace, enjoying alcoholic ginger beer and lunch with the man of your dreams and he turns around and tells you your nose looks like Frank Bruno…you know you’re in love. Most Glamour Pusses have the man of their dreams refer to their nose as ‘cute’…or ‘a button.’ But no..not my chunk of hunk-a-lot. My nose is an apparent heavyweight champion, with a friend called ‘Harry.’ Nice! Romance is alive.

Keiran and I quite constantly and quite weirdly have nose wars, a great deal of the time. My nose is wide and squidgey..his is long and pointy. After attempting to hit me with it repeatedly out of drunkardness and good spirit. HE THEN claimed that he was going to ‘bonk’ me with the pointy part of his nose and maybe treat me to a bit of anal. 🙂 We have a good kinda of love right now and because soon after we’re back to cuddling and ‘i love you’s.’ Yesterday was lovely because we got to cherish the day with one another. We gobbled up breaky together at ‘Deli Centrel.’ Killed time with coffee. Got cars fixed. Viewed Range Rovers in white. Had lunch and drinks, with ‘future talk’ in our pretty bubble of love and then had Ruth meet us for a wine and sambuca shot…to celebrate her new job.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to excitement, Baby Ruby and baby making. 😉 For the first time in a long time i’m feeling completely stable. I have a wonderful future planned for my little bundle of family and i cannot even believe how ‘sprinkled with lucky stars’ i am. It’s all very exciting, yet internally i sort of feel under pressure! The great thing about my love life right now is that Keiran looks at me with eyes that tell me that he more than loves me and with all his heart. I know i keep saying it, but we have never been better than we are right now. Our bubble is magical. It’s like he’s re-fallen in love with me… [Gallop through fields here?]

There’s been lots to talk of the book. I have I’m having verisons of the front cover emailed over to me for approval and i’ve been told to add in an extra Chapter about my first hubby Michael and my new ‘to be’ hubby Keiran. I am literally DYING to see the cover now AND the final wordy cut of my life AND the actual blog in book form. It’s like a dream come true!! HOWEVER even though it’s all ‘confetti-shower’ exciting…i’m mildy concerned because it does actually have to sell! I’m been Googling people madly, who have really managed to sell their books to the point of absolute greatness and well one guy sold 112 million copies!!  I want that…REALLY want that, therefore i’m keeping my kitty fingers crossed and whole heartedly strutting forward with confidence. I’m totally clinging onto the faith that my accidental blog writing has been for a reason..a big reason. Dreams come true all the time and well i’m 99% sure, (the 1 % is the chance i neglect and give to the art of lipglossing) that this is my bit of fate, that not only will i adore, but be the thing that i’m meant to achieve in life. *Looks up to The Gods and hopes.*

I now have a family, a stable foundation and a ‘bubble’ that means i can conquer the world. ‘Love’ truely is the only thing that powers me. It makes me feel alive. Family and foundation root that emotion and help me take flight without completely losing the plot. I feel as though nothing can stop me, therefore i’d say ‘lets shimmie here bitches’ and make life worth it.

What am i doing today…well the Handsome has the day off…sooo dollies we are going to surrender to art of love making. *Wiggle-Wink*

Come to Mama…

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