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Woke up this morning, feeling a little bit ill still, but deliciously refreshed after and early night and an early morning. I’ve been up since 7 am and have important meetings all day. I’ve also just got off the phone to my mum, who you’ve kinda just have to call from your bed, when you feel a bit under the weather. I love her, we’re close. The only woman who will have my back, no matter what. I’ve grown into her…but ofcourse with a lot less clothing on. (Oops!)

Last night, was funny. I ended up getting pizza, but found myself pushing someones rusty old banger, up the street. Imagine asking ME to help you push your car. (Hahahha…) I did try, as you can’t really say ‘no,’ and well i guess i  sort of enjoyed the idea of being helpful…but yeah…i was no help.. AND he got his picture taken with me, AND people we’re whistling at my poor attempt. But ah-well, my body was built for pleasure, not hard labour.

As i finished ‘car pushing’ i get a BBM that is insisting that i ring them. I call…(still trying to get my pizza) and on the other end is a rather drunk male friend, who claimed they we’re currently being frantically chased around central, (for spitting on someone and they needed Me to save them. They needed me to come down there, find where they are, and save them.Followed by an ‘OOh i’m by Les Miserables’ and a verse of I dreamed a dream.’ I was completely sober too, and i’ll never be sober again, because when you are, people treat you like you’re some ‘save the world‘ sober angel. (‘ me, help me….push my fucking car.’) Drunks get away with a lot less responsibilty. It was actually hilarious. I pissed myself and felt bad for them. I’m a decent person to call when trashed because i’l play your sick games with you. Then i simply hung up, and BBM’ed ‘Get on a fucking night bus and get your drunk arse home.’ The last thing i heard was them shouting Oh Chriiiiise!!! (in a toodle-loo kinda voice.) Followed by an alarmed.. ‘Wait? Am i in the girls toilets??’ Hopefully, their night ended a bit better than that. But it’s a good start. LOVE it!! I got my pizza, and went to bed by 11.30pm. I’ve just come off a ‘Party Tour.’ Leave me.

Okay woke up this morning, to an awful message from my ex-hubby’s sister, who basically can’t stand to see me do well, and resorted to viscious name calling, being a basic bitch and told me off for ‘cyber stalking’ her poor little defenseless brother, who i now think is a cunt….for ‘sending in the merry troops.’ First of all, if you have felt the need to Google me, then FIND me on Facebook, then  me a evil message, well technically you’re CYBER

6 thoughts on “Making History HOTTER”

  1. Love this…. was just bitch slapping some guy for the same thing as he was busy bad mouthing others mainly due to his own lack of talent… U go girl!!

  2. loving thew pic u look the guvna as always miss wunna. i love it when iam pissed being pissed is quality but i need to get swilled with u it sounds like u have the best nights

  3. I know it’s hard to ignore, especially when coming from people who actually have met you and/or have been intimately involved with you in the past. But what you really should be doing is being so caught up in your own daily activities, your own success, your own enjoyment, that you simply don’t have time to even think about their issues. Remember, it’s THEIR problem. No need to make it YOURS!


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