Making Folk Smile & Doing Random Boat Parties


So, last night I managed to attempt to stand up, trip over a cobble, upon a cobbled ground, go over on my stiletto, fall on my actual arse, with my phone in my hand, which was holding a phone conversation through all of this mayhem and with a card machine in my other hand, as I fell to the ground. (I was paying for cocktails…so my bank card was wedged in it.)

If you think that’s cringe…know that during the very glamourous fall, i was still having my phone conversation LOUDLY…but didn’t realise that instead of having MY PHONE to my ear, I had accidentally placed the CARD MACHINE to my ear and was fucking CHATTING DOWN IT! YES! CRINGE! I’m such a loser. I wasn’t even drunk. I was just clumsy and idiotic. People were around me trying to pick me back up. HAHAAH. I LOVE THAT I THOUGHT THE CARD MACHINE WAS MY FUCKING PHONE! What an absolute DOUCHE.

Anyway, after work yesterday, I had decided to go to drinks with Ben, for his ‘going to Turkey tomorrow’ cheekies. He’s worked hard, trained hard, been waiting for this holiday for ages…and well he finally got there and needed drinks, before flying out.

I texted him, met up with him at ‘The Tap’ and well in my own words, he looked liked the most tired and most unexcited to be going to Turkey tomorrow in the morning human in the world EVER. He’s just done the gym, was even yawning…and so I refused to let him drift away from Ponte in that manner.

I was more excited for him that he was..and he was excited…just overcome with knackeredness…which i will always find unacceptable. I was finding his diamante crown and party shoes and he was getting on the Wunna fun bus.

So..without taking no for an answer, i took us outside, I MADE the staff at ‘The Tap’ make us cocktails, even though they were refusing to, because they didn’t have ‘all the stuff there.’ I went back to the bar three times to make sure it happened. It did (ofcourse) and well we were very grateful!

We had drinks, normal drinks, but they just weren’t doing the job…I talked to him to get him pumped for Turkey. No joy. I played ‘Turkey’s BEST music hits’ for him out loud, on my phone, to get him into holiday mode. I bopped with excitement, tried to get him excited…I even fucking fell on my little Burmese ARSE…and then the COCKTAILS CAME.


Now, if i want to help people find their inner fun, i will and at any cost!

By the end of the night he was trollied. 🙂 We even got kicked out, (well asked to leave because they were shutting.) He was the happiest human in the world. We laughed, talked flying, talked modelling, life, ambition, lives and all sorts of other shit. We’re both great chatters…so when you add cocktails, our convos are AWESOME. (I can’t move my neck, ankle, back or head today because of my fall..but whocares…lol…it made me him and got him happy for his holiday.)

After the pub, he asked to do ‘cheesy chips and chilli sauce.’ and like some slutty genie in a lamp..(Again…and if you know Ben, you’ll know that he was super excited about the though of cheesy chips) His wish was granted.

We even met people he knows on the street and he was pumped for Turkey and that ‘Wunna’ (which is moi) got him pissed.

‘I’ve hung out with this one and ended up pissed. I was on my way home, she sent me a text and now look at me.’

We set off home and well i got myself to bed to work in the morning.

There’s no more going out for me, for the rest of the week now, as on FRIDAY I’m travelling down to London with Jenna to go do cocktails, check into an amazing hotel, have Demi meet us and so we can then ge ton a boat, which will be cruising the River Thames, for a VIP BOAT PARTY, where The Britains Got Talent, Forbidden Nights boys, which will be dancing and stripping down to their ‘ooh laa’s’ for our entertainment, all the way along the river.

We’ll get to party on the boat with them and then be dropped off at a VIP club in London to again party the night away, until the earl hours! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I’m SO EXCITED! We all are! Plus, Jenna and I got to skive off work for it, which makes the day so much better!

We can’t wait to go. We can’t wait to be their VIP’s. We can’t wait to watch the boys and to simply do it in London.

Okay, just go…telly to watch with a wine,

*Wiggle, wink, pout*

love you






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