Magical Night, and an Evening with a Real man

Okay so last night i really did think was gonna ‘blow balls,’ but it actually ended up being amazing. OMG! I was actually meant to be having a little ‘chat’ with someone, but mid- texting, and him claiming to be on ‘boys night,’ i get a text from a certain someone, who we all know, but who’s identity i can’t reveal, due to this stories nature and it would kinda get him into all kinds of merry big trouble, and all it read was, ‘I can c u…you Wunna hang? (C wot i did there.)’ I turn around, and look a bit Bimbo lost for a good three seconds, as i was argueing with a pizza boy, and a bunch of druggies, who would’t let me pass. (Oh the Glamour.) All i remember telling them was that i was not on ‘Big Brother.’ Then i spy my little angel from a far, in a car…it was hard, it was night, and with a glint in my eye i gallop off on an adventure of sorts. My favourite.

I always feel bad, well not that bad for this boy as he has to go through a lot, at a very young age, and well oddly has haters, who judge him, simply because he’s done extremely well in such a short time. I’m the Queen of having ‘haters’ and can handle it with the most glamourous of eases…i find it funny. Therefore, i’m kinda like a trust worthy, soft place to fall for this guy. I mentor him on a daily, coz i know life (i’ve lived it)and well i know people, (inside and out.)

Anyway, we’re being driven around in this car around Camden, and drinking Bacardi in the back of it, whilst fighting, winding each other up, and doing The Robot, to every tune of hip hopness going. We slag a few people off, then decide we’re actually starving. He pulls out a disguise (hahah…a low quality shit one) plonks it on, demands that i wear one too…(i’m like ‘Honey please, i’m not you, i need to get noticed…lol’) then we leap out of the car and sprint into ‘Giglermesh,’ it’s a well known oriental restuarant in Camden. (Note: He is so trashed by now, and spanking me with an actual wooden spoon, that we aquired during our journey, through the ‘walking’ part of our evening adventure in Camden, whilst i was making him shout, ‘I’M A LEGEND, GODDAMIT!’ (It’s a great line when drunk.)  I’m not sure why he feels the need to sneak around everywhere?? He’s all ‘silent movie tip-toeing,’ which really makes normality quite quite odd.)

Anyway, we have the best dinner ever, lots of just good clean, abusive fun. We talk about his work, we talk about my work, we talk about girls, guys, love, sex…he’s a very honest boy…which i like and we get served magical cocktails, that we really shouldn’t of had, as the rest of the evening turned into one surreal fucking, crazy mind fuck of the greatest time EVER! OMG! I am the ‘PARTY’ Queen ( we know this, i have the scars to prove it,) but we took it to a whole other level. This boy gave me a run fo rmy money!! All i remember were lights, sparklers, shots, picture taking, piss taking, pretending we were married, the ‘craziness’ was spinning the world around us. I get up, i make a speech, with wine all down me and start hiccuping.  He gets up and busts a few shapes and combinations, a few demon dance moves …but kinda like he was a speed freak maniac. Hahaha… Then i decide the night needed to stop, and pronto, as i really was being a bad influence on this sweet natured boy, who’s really actually a bad influence on me…But the way the blame falls, is usually always on me. (I laugh in the face of blame, the Fun Gods carry me through.)  OMG..the things that come out of his foul foul mouth….HAHAHA! I was partially impressed and making him say ‘and to tear a bitch up’ after every sentence, to a member of the innocent public, whenever he so wished to ask for anything. At first he was all shy, but then got really into it, and went a bit too far really and decided he was going to dedicate his ‘act’ to wife beating. We have a really decent friendship. He’s really secure in his being, grown beyond his time and was rather upset when i told him i was trolling back home without him…(Awww…) With a hug, and a peck and a chinese fucking burn. I found myself back in the comfort of my appartment, waving at people from my window, who i let come in for a couple drinks, because i must have an obvious death wish. (‘oh they waved, they love me, come in.’) LOL.

After a while i kicked them out, coz i didn’t really know them, and well i’m quite the snuggle bunny and was missing my much needed cuddles. I am a giant spooner. A giant one and quite lovey dovey, with the right people. I am, I tells ya. Ask any of my tragic exes. Then like the Knight that he is at about 1.30 am…i get a call from ‘Lashes’ ( a guy that will never let me down) who had just got home from work at the office. Poor thing. We were talking, it made me miss him, because he’s just so sweet and reliable.. and then just like that (in the early hours of the morning, after he’s worked all day ) decides me misses me, needs to see my face and surprises me by travelling all the way to see me, through the night and turning up at my doorstep at 2.15am, just to make me smile coz he knew i secretly wanted him too…and he was even bang on time! (Aww…) Girls, there are good, good men out there. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Men who know what women truely want, without us having to prompt them. Like Jonny would NEVER have done that for Me. Never. Infact, he’d do it for anyone else but Me. Infact, i just got a message reading, ‘Jonny won’t even let you snort his line and makes you define words like ‘Dating.’ LMAO. Team Wunna Rocks!!

Actions always speak louder than words and if ‘Lashes’  keeps this up, then he’s gonna turn into the man of my entire dreams. He makes me feel special…and when a boy does that, it makes me not only respect him, but also want to care for him deeply. You should never take anyone who’s always there for you for granted. They don’t mosey around your lifetime that often.

5 thoughts on “Magical Night, and an Evening with a Real man”

  1. im pleased u had fun chrissie but he is a lucky basterd the geezer. i am hanging out round cambden so u invite me in for a booze babe ha ha ha

  2. u know i had to get a drink u would like chrissie or u wouldnt have me there long at least this way i get as long as u finish the bottle but i might be sneaky and keep a spare ha ha ha


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