What a stress! LOL. I thought May was about galloping around fricking Maypoles for me? Fair enough, we are only on the second of the month, but I need to a break, a relax, a ‘feet up and be pampered’ time…with my children of course and simply because I have never ever had to sort out so many things at once in my entire life.

Moving…is stressful…always. Especially when you leave it all to the final countdown and when you are a single mum…with two babies and a full time job (that I love.) Even with help…it’s difficult. But i DID IT. Yet, i’m getting a bit tired (lol) of having to say in actual disbelief that ‘i did it’…as whenever I do, some kind of stressy, dramatic type occurrence that I believed was out of my reach has hit me. If things are placed in front of you in life to test you..then i’m gonna start waking backwards, as my front used to be about boobs, waves and smiles…:) I’m still smiling (as I have to giggle from Princess weeping) yet ‘the grind’ of it all is EXHAUSTING. I now understand that in order in get life as simple as you want it, you have to go through the hard grind of it all first to get to ‘simple’…where I can finally kick off my glammy kitten heels and breathe. I mean there’s not even time for wine right now and when there’s no room for vino, you definitely have a problem. 🙂 I now get how shitty it must have been for Keiran to have worked away and all those long hours living out of the back of his van to make money and make ends meet, at the same time as being away from his family. I get why he was knackered grumpy and needed escapism. I also get why he used to vent on me. Working really really hard and not just a bit hard, is KNACKERING. 🙂

Yet in order to get where you want to’s a must and i’ll get there!

Firstly, My man with a van ‘MIKE’…LOVELIEST BOY EVER.  Young, sweet natured…with a van. Only £30 an hour and £20 after than if needed. AMazing. So if any of you girls are struggling and need a man of ‘handy,’ Mike is the guy to call. I mean, i even forgot to tell him to take the stuff out of the loft and place it into storage, so he came back at 7pm, stored it in his van, kept it over night and got it to storage for me in the early hours, as I was at work. Nothing missing. Didn’t have to do it. Completely trust worthy. He is now my ‘go to ‘ boy of ‘handy.’ Here’s his number for all those who need help..he does everything from removals, gardening..painting….you name it…07709137889. Amazing service! Mike’s ya man. I’m harping on about it as i really couldn’t have done this move without him. Having no muscles around is not easy. It actually made me briefly just miss having a guy around, simply because I needed ‘male’ to lift heavy things. I’m just naturally a glamour puss, i can’t handle hard labour. 🙂 If i don’t like doing it…i won’t. It’s a problem. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to my lash line…i actually can’t wait for it now, as it’ll give me a bit of sit down once launched. I was meant to appear in Fabulous Magazine, this weekend, yet i missed the deadline simply because i couldn’t fit in a phone call even. I even missed my Mom’s table interview due to phone issues and then a heavy schedule.

I need a pamper, a rest, a trip to the WOODS!! (HELLO FOREST.) Just time where I can sit down and do nothing….for  few jolly days with the children.

I mean i’m not even fitting in my blogs or toilet breaks. 🙂 I need a puppy pad. 🙂  I mean, I’ve got my pre-babies body back simply because i haven’t even had time to fit in food. Lol.

It’ll all be okay though and i know this because i’m still smiling. I’m happy and how can I not be, i’m eternally warm, not craving anything and grateful for it all. Baby steps to big things. Things couldn’t be better. I’m just having a moan because…well we all need to vent every now and again.

I’ve got a meeting with my lawyer today. I meeting at 5.30pm. Then a Ruby and Junior pick up. I certainly need coffee…but ah well..I’ve still got a wiggle in a giggle and a wink with my walk.

Love you…Things’ll get back to normal shortly. (Honest.) 🙂


This year is flying by.




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