‘M’ is for Monday


Good morning, my fellow darlings of diamond dripped hope! I’m enjoying this morning, even though it’s a little drizzly and simply because it is MONDAY and yes, this bitch totally has the DAY OFF! It’s always the days, when others tend to work, that are best to have off. They make you feel so much better about life. A Saturday, a Sunday…glitter, glitter *smurh* (I don’t quite know what that’s meant to mean, however, I did intend for it to be the sound of feduppidness. πŸ™‚ )

Today, i’m happy and I had ALL these things planned that I hoped to do, that we as single mums never ever get to enjoy…The simple things like take a shower, without an audience….enjoy doing your face, sit in quiet for a while, watch what you want on telly and for all glamour pusses, who enjoy a bit of retail therapy…SHOP. I can never shop when i’m with other people, let alone my loin fruit. Don’t get me wrong, we do go shopping…HOWEVER, i don’t purchase pour moi, during these family shopping trips…i always only purchase for the bambinos.

But yes, now that i’ve got to my ‘all about me’ day…i now just MISS the babies. πŸ™‚ We’re shit for it aren’t we. Lol. All mums do it. Well some mums. I mean, i’ve just seen a mum GURNING in neon and too much tan by a bus stop..at 9am!!! Druggy parents worry me…because they become the most intolerant and selfish parents ever. I mean even as people, they become hard to deal with. So, my heart goes out to her and her babies…and well lets hope she gets her act together before it all goes tits up. Oh and neon shouldn’t be worn before noon. πŸ˜‰

The weekend was fabulous to say that my car broken down, and madness came upon Wunna land. It got sorted, as ‘daddy day care’ stepped in and made everything a bit easier for ‘Mama,’…for a moment anyhow. Women are a great deal more giving with their time aren’t we? And well men are the species that always try to put their own needs first…even before their children at times…whether it be drinking with friends, gym going or some kind of sport. It all comes before child minding. πŸ™‚ It’s how they’re wired. I mean, even Pete, who is actually a lovely, lovely soul…a gentleman, looked at me a little awkwardly last night, when my Mum asked if he could look after Ruby this Sunday, whilst I was at work and she was away for the day. He does usually do Sunday, yet from 11am onwards…:) (yes, there are time slots to parenting apparently and I get it from both Pete and Keiran.) Anyway, instead of having to tend to my loin fruit from 8am onwards, he began to state that he would prefer it if my Mother maybe take Rubes with her, on her day away…because he may not be able to get up at that time, after working late and going out for drinks afterward. Hmmm…? I think, he just saw the look on our faces, got terrified and immediately changed his plans on the spot. Drinking and tiredness does NOT come before my children. πŸ™‚ Plus, both boys can’t really say anything now, as I tend to both bambino’s…work a full time day job, do beauty school, i’m about to start a beauty line and i make them feel like the most loved children in the world…To be honest…i actually do better than both of gents put together, meaning MUMS you CAN DO IT! Do not be defeated. What you gain is the utter unconditional love from your babies and if you’re trying to make business work for you….RICHES. πŸ™‚

*Sequin shower here.*

Anyway, away from that…the weekend..fabulous. However, it feel as though i was strutting one minute and then rushing the next. It’s almost as if deadlines came out of nowhere and I was running against the clock? I couldn’t find a massage, there was simply no time…and when asked who i was loyal to when it came to massages, I described it as ‘pulling the ugly chick at a bar,’…when you’re desperate…anything will do. It’s not the greatest, but suffices for the moment, however, you really do know that you should’ve shopped around. πŸ™‚ Basically, the plot got lost…and i was placed naked, back into my pink fluffy cheap fur rug, sausage rolled up in it tightly and shoved down a very green hill… blind. And i definitely had an updo. (If you don’t get that…open you’re mind a bit more. πŸ™‚ )

So, it’s that time of year where Summer is pretty much over! And i hate it when people cling onto Summer for ages. It’s done…let’s get on with fall. And according to my theory, when Summer is over…Summer flings dry up and come to an end. It’s not the season for coupling up just yet, as it’s the time where you shake off the Summer flings that you seem to have accumulated by accident, be it by flirtation, banter or sex and you flick through your glitzy rollerdex of ‘potentials,’ to get ready for the Autumn dating season…before coupling up for Winter. It’s simple…we’re are mammals after all. I don’t care what anyone says, my theory is right! πŸ™‚ It’s fall dating, followed by relationship Winter because let’s face it, who enjoys Christmas alone. NO ONE! And if you don’t have love, or a family…they you just have a cold mulled wine, some tinsel and no tree. (OOh reminds me…i need to buy a tree today! Not a Crimbo tree…but a ‘stand outside my doorstep’ tree for decoration.)

I’ve got a lot to do today and i’m actually going to try and get things done. I think a lot of us sort of ponder the things we wish to do, instead of just getting on with them. I’m that way inclined, so today, i’m doing something about it….

Coffee first…life second. Be the kind of beautiful you wish to be today!


Ps/ All this was blogged from the Starbucks in Doncaster πŸ™‚







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