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Finally packed for our luxury forest holiday trip away into the woods, for a wee bit of family time and harmony! If you follow this blog..and you should, because i’m ace….you’ll know Keiran, Ruby and I go alot. This is our THIRD time this year already and well to us it’s a special place of ‘ooh laa.’ This time, we’ve booked TWO big cabins and we’re taking all (well nearly all) of Keiran’s family, for a bit of luxury, private outdoor, hot tubbing and fun!

I’m a full blown preggo-hontas, whcih I find hilarious, as I’m terrifie that I’ll give birth in the woods, like a slaggy Goldilocks…yet not at all because i’m not a blond. 🙂 (The slaggy part is questionable to most.)  But i’m determined to make it fun. Even though I seem to have a poorly Baby Ruby, who won’t sleep. She stayed up all night, watching Mr.Tumble, yet screaming in pain. If she’s like that for the full four days, it’s going to be rather eventful. She is currently leaning on the sofa apparently ‘doing her face’ ready for swimming in the hot tub. (You can tell that I’ve bred her.) I’ve already done my face for such an event. 🙂 However, this time i’m not so sure that I’m gonna be dipping in it. I’ refuse to turn something luxurious,like champagne bubbles, into a bloodied birthing every Thompson I know watched on. It’s be far too odd. The last time they saw me I was in a wedding dress getting filmed for the telly. If that happened the next time, I’d be on all fours, naked, screaming in pain, trying to push a human out of my groin. I don’t think so. It won’t be happening and well simply because both Keiran and I WANT our child to come out on or AFTER May 21st and simply so he’s a Gemini. I’d love a Gemini boy. I think the holiday’ll be good for everyone. Plus Keiran and Rubes will have a chance to re-bond, as she hasn’t managed to see him that much due to his work load. (He’s at work right now…so he could fit in a few hours before venturing off to the forest,. I’ve packed everything…in fact over packed. I’m never an over packing, as I’m one to much prefer travelling light. I’m never anywhere for long. But this time i’ve bundled everything but the kitchen sink, in a pink and cream leopard print bag…on wheels. Don’t you just hate people with luggage on wheels. But mine’s leopard print…so i get away with it. (The holiday hasn’t even started yet and I already need a massage.)

So, for the next four days, i’ll be chillaxing in the luxury provided to us by Forest Holidays. They are SO good to us there and well of course we anyone anywhere where we get the VIP treatment. We’ll probably end up going 4 more times this year. We’re addicted to it.

I’m ready to get off and going. I have the right eyeliner on for it and Ruby is in polka dots. At that point in life, you know you’re set. Keiran still has an hour at work and well i still have to drop off flowers for my chick friend to say ‘Happy Birthday.

I’m really gonna miss my mum, whilst i’m gone. You do when you’re a preggo-hontas. But i’m sure i’ll be fine. She just wants to make sure Ruby has the most amazing time. (Rubes is currently trying to pull my neon pink bra off me, stating that it is hers. I feel a tantrum coming on. FUN! Now she’s pulling my hair. UGH! It’s fine though, as soon as I put her around other children, she’ll be terrified and clamber around me like a baby sheep. I enjoy how she believes pulling my bra strap down will annoy me. I’ve spent my entire life with my bra strap down. Putting in ON me, would confuse me more. DUH!)

Keiran was cute yesterday. He missed me mucho, so he said. I like that. It’s good for a man to tell you that he loves you and misses you, both privately and  publically. He did both. You know how I enjoy TRUE love with a side of public grand gestures of ‘Look at ME.’ I got whispery words of romance…and a big old ‘i love my wife’ TWEET. Lots of points scored. Isn’t he doing well? I should have more babies. #not We both (when we were fooled into the fact that we were going to get chill time) watched ‘Karate Kid,’ but the new one with Will Smiths son in. (He’s a great actor…like his Daddy. I’m a Will Smith fan.) Amyway, we had a ‘THANK GOD we’re still HUMAN’ moment…as it made us both cry. Anytime, that you are still weeping to  ‘Karate Kid,’ you know you’re still a decent person. 🙂 Keiran had previously cried to ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Lol. When I asked him why? He simply replied with a ‘It was when I was watching them all get through to the next stage. It was just so nice to see people’s dreams coming true.’ 🙂

But yeah…4pm today i’m checking into the Sherwood Pines Forest for 4 days of calm, luxury and peace. To the cabin we venture. Hope we have a good time? I’ll be blogging from there as the days flutter by.

Big smoochies.

The Wuns

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