Luxurious, Wooden, Wrist Candy By JORD

So, about a month ago, well…it could’ve been a bit longer, as i had just got back from the forest? Anyway, about a month ago, I received a little package and not a surprise package, as I did know that it was coming my way…but a package from JORD watches, who had sent me one of their luxury watches to wear, review and talk about, if i ever so wished!

I never talk about anything that I don’t adore. Apart from men. 🙂 Yet, due to a weirdly busy schedule of work and a jolly does of mummyhood, it really has only been NOW, that I’ve managed to actually plonk my brand new watch, on my delicate kitten wrist and completely and utterly admire it! We all know that I adore things woody :)…as in ‘foresty’…and i also weirdly also adore things that are handmade, luxurious, alongside things that reach my kitten paws as gifts and reviewing ANYTHING at all! So really, this package was a total WIN FOR WUNNA! A total slam dunk! I currently have my watch on my wrist, after peeking it out of it’s beautiful box..(I love great packaging, i’m a fool for it. I adore a dash of this and a drizzle of that special something that lulls you to purcahse a product, which i do find weird to say that I have spent a lot of my life marketing things for a living. 🙂

But yes, this was the watch that I was sent…I actually picked it myself.

And let me tell you why Jord watches are amazing!

I now, have a watch that is completely unique to ANY OTHER WATCH in this entire world. No two JORD watches are alike and simply because they have been completely handcrafted, from scratch, with wood that has been gathered from FORESTS AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD! YES, THE WHOLE WATCH IS MADE FROM WOOD. Making it a natural and simple LUXURY, that isn’t tinged over with a glossy fakeness, but a true hearty feel of glamour.

They are a brand from America, where in which the watch is being worn by some of Hollywood’s finest. They provide watches for both men AND women…

Here are some of the Men’s line for you to gander at:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, items of both art and luxury in one! That make absolutely phenomenal  Christmas presents for all, as  they watched ARE a luxury brand, from luxury collections meaning that they are a middle ranged, pricey gift of class. So, girls, if you do not know what to buy your gent…look no further…



Have a gander on to view all their goods!


This one is my watch, made of complete maple wood. 🙂

There is not another brand providing of watch of the same type or quality, that actually makes you feel as great when you wear it! In my mind, it is high class, top quality wrist candy. I’ll be purchasing my Christmas gifts from Jord, this year and so I hope you will be tooo! I adore finding new INNOVATE BRANDS, that ooze dignity and ‘va voom,’ This watch has sex appeal.

For time pieces that you can truly treasure for years and watched that are suitable for all, you can only rely on Jord. Plus, I also love the fact that you can wear one up, wear one down and enjoy each time piece with the love that it has been made with!

Go to

And grab your own piece of luxury this Christmas! 🙂 Collect them all!


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