Lucky lucky little ducky


Okay..i’ve been denied sexy-time, decorated my delightful self in diamantes and a baby blue knitted dress, i’m getting back into gear, work wise and back on my mission to take over the nation with my fabulousity, (which i actually find quite difficult before 9am and without 22 coffees. ) I’m filled with excitement for the *kitty cat* future, I’m wanting riches beyond my wildest dreams and I’m strutting with a swagger that could give any gentleman a tingle. (This morning i re-read past Facebook messages that i accidentally found in my inbox from Keiran. He’s hoping to audition for a new show, so we were emailing the appropriate beings, in order to make such a step possible. Anyway, mid-search, i find an inbox from my then boyfriend…now husband, reading, ‘I really want sexy-time babe and i want to film it,to get the bits that i missed.’ 🙂 OMG! Did we giggle. I can’t believe he used to talk to me like that! Neither of us could, as he’s really more of a romantic than a smutty talker. I would NEVER have let him get away with it…without diamonds. 😉

We pissed ourselves laughing at the smoothness of his moves. I mean, yeah in the bedroom we whop out a bit of the ‘dirty,’ yet the beginnings of our relationship were never built around drunken sex and smut talk. It was all romance, hand holding and fairytale dating. He must’ve been horny on that day. But regardless, it’s hilarious now and well he made it to ‘husband.’ Infact, the more in love we’re becoming, the more lady like he’s prefering me. We love being in love with each other, as it really does make life that little bit more fruitful. It keeps it stable, secure, exciting and filled with magic. We are living the most amazing life right now, that it’s almost comical. We’re lucky fuckers…and we know it. 🙂 Our relationship has been perfect over the last couple of months. You never stop learning about your partner and surprisingly the more I’m learning, the more I’m liking.

So yeah, we’re back to organizing our careers in entertainment. The only thing we really want to do and in life (as long as you are truly good at your craft) you really should do what you WANT and hopefully turn all your dreams into a reality, via that bit of juicy determination. Wherever you end up, is kinda where you were meant to end up and based around how hard you worked to get there. So enjoy it, hone your talent and rejoice. If you’re not where you want to be, work hard and get there and stop moaning, stop pity partying and quit either wishing your life was better or using other people, who’s lives are better. I will say that there are far too many people, be they young or be they old relying on other people to hinge their way in life and i find it horrific. If you are young and you are able to work, able to make something of your life and have responsibilities. Then it is YOUR responsibility to find your OWN way in life, as it is the only thing that will make you feel a sense of self worth, achievement and make you grow up. Tears, tantrums and jiggery pokery only work for so long. When you pick yourself up and actually DO something with your life, then people will care to listen and you’ll get where to actually wish to be. You CAN do it. Dreams come true every day.

Anyway, preach over. I did actually get sex yesterday, after playfully being denied it, by my toyboy. I used the ‘you think I’m fat’ line, with a couple of eyelash flutters and acted mardy for a few seconds. It worked. My husband loves me. Plus sex ended up being fantastic and probably because we played the ‘you can’t have it’ game. I adore having a healthy sex life. It makes me less grumpy when preggers. I’m in a good phase of preggoness right now. I have my frump days, but on the whole i feel glamorous, fabulous, and pretty much divine. Once you get past the initial dodgy part and you have a helpful husband and family…pregnancy is easier the second time around. *Wiggle-wink.’

One thing all pregnant woman should remember is to still be fabulous. There’s no reason to lose your femininity. You can rock a bump like a glamour puss. Who cares what everyone says. I got called all sorts online and even on the telly… and infact still do on Youtube, just for having fake eyelashes on during the birth of Ruby. Infact, i got called a ‘5 cent whore. ‘ 🙂 Nice touch. I enjoy good manners. If i want eyelashes on during the *push-push,* i will. If i want dancing midgets fanning me and chanting ‘Go Wunna! Go!’ I flipping will. If i want stripping firemen, or a Bible reading Elvis with tourettes there during labour…i will. I enjoy every moment of being me and I’m glad you do too. I mean cut a sista some slack! I had a childs head squeezing its way out of my privates. If eyelashes and a doctor were all i needed, then grant me a trophy presentation please and do it pronto.

We have lots going on in Wunna land right now. In 4 days, i find out if my bump is a girl or a boy. Keiran wants a boy. I can’t decide what the kitten Gods will bless me with?? I have a beautiful daughter already, so all i hope is that the new addition is just as adorable and why wouldn’t it be. My vagina produces ace fruit. I love making humans. 🙂

In 7 days, we all go back to our luxury cabin in the forest. We live it so much that it really has become one of our favourite places to nest, relax and be a family, without nonsense, swines and negativity getting a hold of us. If i could move there…i would.

Anyhow i must go, because i have a pretend grumpy husband who wants my attention.


Big kisses to you all,


Stay sexy.

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