Loves Her New Eye Candy

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Okay i’ve been so crazy busy with a new chapter of my life that i haven’t even had a second to write my blog for you. Lots is happening just so you know and everything is changing. It’s all changing so fast that i’m playing ‘catch up,’ and loving it. I’m on a rollercoaster, but this time a good one that doesn’t involve emotions and is purely based around work. Everything is changing. I mean my life has. My whole being has and in days. It’s odd. But i like it. I’m moving up in this world and i guess i’m more ‘ooh laa’ than i ever thought I was. When it happens…it happens fast. Oh an dwithout me telling you too much. I’m living proof that you can actually honestly get whatever you want, if you are determinded enough and work hard enough to get it. It’s crazy what could happen.

Okay, so i’m in a new work environment..well i was today and just like that, I met a boy…a HOT one. Like a sexy, sassy, extremely good looking, like could be a model, going places in life, in his shirt and tie, type. I love eye candy. LOVE eye candy. He has the same goals in life as me. Looks a bit like a ladies man, one that attracts alot of attention, but you can tell he’s decent guy. Knows his stuff well. Intelligent. Wants to be powerful. Great conversationalist. Wants to impress me (Hahaha…) and well i was basically told that I was to spend my WHOLE entire day with him and i mean entire day!! We have a good bit of inappropriate banter going on and a good new friendship. He’s sexy, knows it, 25, confident and i believe other than us verbally sexually harassing each other all day, then talking about love, life, work and money… We’re quite a good tag team. It’s sexy. Infact God is currently being good ot me with boys. He’s sending me lots of choices for potential ‘happy ever afters.’ My work is littered with handsomes. Be jealous girls!!!

Right now we’re simply flirty work collegues…which is always the best because you’re forced to see them everyday. That’s probably how it’s gonna stay for a while, yet know that i’ve spent the last 9 or 10 hours straight with this being and have to do it all again tomorrow. He’s a lot of flirty fun. And if i love anything…i fucking love fun! (hahaha…watch    out!!)

Oh my gosh, on a different note, i also found out that my ex-boyfriend has basically lied and slagged me off to everyone behind my back, when i’ve been nothing but a darling to him. Quite properly bad mouthed me to people, so i hear too…which is always rather disappointing to hear, (doesn’t make him look good) especially if you kinda trusted them and believed what they said to you. It seems he wasn’t as straight forward as i thought…must be an age thing. It’s pissed me off. And i know he doesn’t want me to slag him off on here (as he cares about what people think about him)..but sometimes people need to be pulled down a peg or two. I’m annoyed and could totally have him in a fight anyway. I feel a giant ‘let it all out’ coming up shortly…be warned.

However for now…i need to sleep. It’s 3am and i’ve got to meet the new fun flirty work friend at 10.30am in London. I’m at my mums in Ponty right now and in a few hours i’ve got to be up, glammed and be on a train.

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