Lovely little roller coaster



Had a bit of a dodgy day yesterday. Filled with a roller coaster of kitty cat emotions, it was. I must have weept over every  kind of preggo snack and pillows cover going. I cried and snotted into scrumpled up bits of tissue, because I didn’t get my jolly own way. Then I trickled tears, with an added spark of SHOUTING in the office at my delicious husband of ‘handsomeness.’ I performed forlorn faces of dolly sadness, as I watched ‘Rocky’ be an old aged ‘Balboa’ late at night on the telly, because I was made to say sorry, for being previously shouty and cruel. 🙂  Then just like that…it all got better and after a packet of Roast Chicken flavoured Walkers and a handful of American Jelly beans.

Just before the evening nursery run, Keiran and I had a bicker, a bicker that turned into a fight. We’ve been really quite wonderful over the last couple months, because we’ve had zero distractions and been able to just ‘love.’ So, this little cherry, popped out of nowhere and when it pops, honey it BOOMS.

Now, with me being the way I am, delivering any news that I feel I must fight about passionately, in the name of ‘kitty cat’  honour and  all delicious morality, is not going to end well. I’m a feisty little fire cracker and when I think i’m right, backing me down is an impossibility unless you have axes. I’m not keen on axes. The sheer weight of them terrifies me. In fact I’m not keen on any weapons. I’m far less ‘ninja’ than you expect me to be. I’m not one for knives with a ‘slice me-dice me’ high kick. I’m more evil of a kitten *hiss,* karate chop, winker..before wrapping up warm in the comfort of my glamour pussy..ego. 🙂

Keiran used to be the same as I. However, these days he’s much kinder now, a more mature  spirit of positive beams, swording from his ‘Hero’ heights of glory… leaving me to look nutty, which actually goes quite well with pregnancy and fluffy, ballet pump slippers.

I stormed into the bedroom flinging my old clothes off, slamming doors, throwing my new clothes on and tossing my hair as I dolled it around in a mist of pink anger. Then, he lost his swag and joined me. Which is never a jolly little combination of spice balls.

However, the funny thing is, in between the spits of  our viscous words of fight, were little responsible love questions,

‘YOU’RE A ******* IDIOT, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE…..shall we get ready to pick Baby Ruby up from nursery? YOU MAKE ME SICK….it’s cold outside wrap up warm.’

It was nutty. But I shouted all the way down the stairs, out of the patio doors, through the slushy snow and all the way up to his work van, which would be travelling us to my little Ruby’s nursery. It was dark by then, as it was around 5.15pm. The things we were saying getting worse and worse and neither of us were backing down, nor were we seeing the other person’s view as correct.

He was quiet and snappy. I was loud and brutal. It was a display of good old juvenile banter and it wasn’t very becoming.

We arrived at nursery and everything calmed down. Our love for Ruby is magical and it can settle any ripples of anger immediately and with ease. It’s almost as if, you put a positive beam of innocence around us, we remember how much we love each other and how much we need to protect and adore our bambino.

We never fight in front of the baby, so everything went swimmingly, until she went to bed.

As soon as we got home however, Keiran began to be the peace maker, the grown up, the one who wanted to smooth away the negative and gleam it back to a spanking new happy energy. He let me cool down and approached with an open armed cuddled and a gentle voice of understanding, that softly oozed forward a loving aura of ‘lets make up, i love you.’

He’s been doing this a lot recently and every time he does, I just can’t stay mad at him and pretty much because I adore him and I want us to be ‘fairytale.’ He’s the man i’m spending the rest of my entire life with and i’m his little wifey. We love each other with a bond that is stronger than any force of nature. It’s almost a force that nobody could ever understand. A heated yearn of magic, frilled through with a swirl of  love. And i’d rather smear the bond we have with a happy tender harmony and a giddy stride of  fabulousity, than a brutal stomp of pride and stubborn kick of donkey. You know, that’s actually what’s good about us, the fact that we always want the same result and wanting the same result in relationships, be they old or new is vital, because you’ll go through blows and life will smack you in the face, when you really didn’t expect it to. Yet it’s not how hard the jolly smack is, it’s how much of a smack you can take and STILL keep getting up and moving forward, with a heart filled with love and the determination of a bull. If you can do that, you have found your ‘forever” and when you find your ‘forever,’ you really shouldn’t let it go.

I’m Chrissie Wunna and i’m a delicious dolly of diamond dipped joy and i’ll never back down if I believe that I am right, however i’m not stupid enough to let that pick away at the threads of the  ‘fairytale’ that i’m experiencing with my hubby.

We cuddled and sloppy kissed over Jelly Beans to one of the ‘Rocky’ movies and this morning he hugged me in the kitchen stating that we remembered were a TEAM.

I dolly-eyed him and apologized and we vowed to never bring anything up or into our bubble, if we felt it would plant a negative seed. Romantic relationships are about two people and always two people and it’s those two people who can either make it work or fail.

I’ve seen so many bows that shot out of Cupid’s little love arrow and lived the majority of them unsuccessfully, due to poor aim. 🙂 This time I know it’s right and together, now we’re the much more positive version of ‘us’…we’ll conquer our dreams and turn them into a magical reality.

When we work together we are a delicious rocket of dynamite and that is a force, we both know is unstoppable.

I’m really missing wine. Just over 4 months until I can have one..







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