Lovely Jubbly & A Glass of Bubbly


Okay, right now my blog hits are crazy good for a little slanted eyed, floozey with a sexy disposition, a dream and a tragical pour of ‘ooh laa.’ The hits per hour have gone insania and i have you to thank for that! My love life is magical. My social life is always superior. I’m still Londons Ultimate Glamour Puss (God, i simply adore all things delicious) and my work life is oddly rocketting. (I’m like frickin’ ell i hope it doesn’t stop. When you’re in the entertainment industry, you’re always nervous about it all coming to an end. Before i wouldn’t care, but now it’s getting a bit good, i’m all like ‘oh noo Lady Fame…i want you FOREVER and MORE MORE MORE!’ *pout -thrust-wiggle-beckon*

I expressed my feelings to Wazza, (best friend/manager of this site) who congratulated me on my ‘jolly good work’ and told me that in order to keep it a going…i will probably need to pull out a sex tape and preferably it will be one of Me with Jimmy

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