Love to Love You Baby

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I’m writing this now because i have to be up really early to get a shoot, and at the same time stop off at Leicester square for ten minutes to do a quickie ‘shirt off,’ and I know i’ll get up late and not have time to spew out my mind. It’s almost 1am. I can’t get to sleep and have to be up and look somewhat glamourous by 7am. I’m naturally a night owl…therefore this whole ‘getting up early for work’ malarky is a shock to my system. I can actually function on no sleep quite easily. I figure i can sleep when i’m dead. I’ve got this bizarre ‘umph’ inside me..that for once doesn’t have a man attached to the end of it. I’m on ‘free and fabulous’ mode tonight and yeah it feels good. Except, i’m an affectionate soul…one of those uber ‘kissy, kissy cuddle’ ones (giggle) and well it’s nice having a ‘yum yum’ you can love upon and squidge….on occasion. (And i am kinda dating as you may know…but i’m not gonna go into that fully, due to the amount of mail, i’ve already recieved on it. But whatever, my mum loves him. lol)

I don’t have anyone here with me right now (coz i pick busy boys) and i half LOVE it, yet half HATE it. I’m so annoying. I enjoy a bit of company (when i want it) yet kinda despise the ‘alone zone.’ I bore myself silly, i do. But hate people out staying their welcome. I sort of just like having a ‘being,’ bodying about the place…that i can socialize with if i so wish and ignore if i pretty much want to at the same time. I think i’m quite hard to please. But more imporatntly…i’ve ballsed up my tan. I’m all tiger striped! Everyone else is gonna walk in all ‘look at me, i’m deliciously glammy’ and i’m gonna…well i’m gonna stumble in looking like a (insert swearing here) TIGER! But you can’t win’em all can ya.  God is punishing me for not sinning.

I have drunks outside my window, merrily shouting the ‘Gasolina’ song, with fur hats on their heads. They’re having a better time than ME! The parties with those twats!! (Ooh i think they’re getting arrested…lol.) You can’t arrest people for ‘Good times!’ What is this world coming to? (‘You’re drunk & having too much fun. How dare you!!’) They are literally being handcuffed for it! They’re not abusing anyone but the night sky. I guess the stars AREN’T blind after all. They get pissed off and call the police on you. Eww…imaging getting arrested in those hats. They’re so gonna get beat up. OUCHY! I got arrested in a hot pink dress in LA once and didn’t do me any favours. Especially when i got handcuffed to a random lesbian gang member and armed ninja robber. I was like what are you in here for?And she just casually said, ‘Trying to stab my husband.’ Ooh that’s lovely. (Bursts into tears and refuses to eat the stale burrito…due to it’s high calorie intake.)

I had to share a cell for 3 nights with 14 other girls in bunk beds. What am i talking about, i LOVE being here in my nice cosy appartment alone. THANKGOD..i’m not there right now. Hahah..I take back my moaning. There you go…i’ve found out for you. When you are having a shit few minutes, look back at a rubbishier part of your life and you’ll feel much better! It really does work.

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