Love, sex and Magic

OMG!! I cannot even remember writing my ‘little bit of everything & virgins’ blog. I did it asleep. I need to stop, i need to rest, i need to refuel. I’ve turned into a workaholic and it’s hardly becoming. I’m meant to be an awfully glamourous, Lady of Leisure who tans, pouts and Bimbos for a living, whilst beating her dwarfed slaves. I’m not meant to be working so hard that i begin to write a blog, and literally fall asleep mid ramble, only to wake myself up by smashing my forehead on my open laptop….TWICE! Fucking TWICE man!! It was pitiful. I’d been in Brighton all day filming, and had only just got home, after having  2 hrs sleep the night before, yet i just couldn’t stop working. I need to chillax.

On a good note (and i hope your reading this

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  1. Hi Chrissie, I had the best time ever!! I am back in Germany now but am planning to move back to the UK in October. You were totally brilliant and so full of sexy vibrant energy!

    I had an amazing time showing you some things about my life :). Stay in touch! xxx big love, Sands x


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