Love, seal boobs & More Magazine here I am, on my living room sofa, under a chandelier, in my pink supergirl pyjamas. I once met ‘supergirl’ in an LA elevator, with my good friend Tyler. Weird really, because she looked quite hormonal for a lady who saves the world in movies. *Wiggle-Wink.*

I’ve just accidentally flobbed my right boob onto handsome Keiran’s face, mid-morning snuggle, as he laid on my lap for a cuddle and a bit of ‘i love you.’ It looked like a seal. A stranded one. However, it couldn’t have been that bad, as Keiran, my hubby-to-be now wants to live under my top. He loves a bit of ‘mummy’ love and i love how baby boy childlike he is, when it’s morning cuddle time. I woke up this morning with heartburn (glamourous,) Ruby weeing all over me and thinking that Keiran didn’t like me. I thought wrong. He looked at me on this fine Feb morning and said, ‘I really do love you. I’m so excited for our future, as individuals and a couple. I can’t wait to do forever with you.’ Aww.. i mean, it’s just the kind of thing you want your dream man to say really, when you’re a deliciously ageing Glamour Puss. I’ve always been disappointed in men that ive romanced. Yeah there’s been hot ones, good ones, big ones, hood ones. Yet when they decide to hurt you, in that moment when all they had to do was make the right decision… it’s funny how unattractive they become, right? I adore Keiran and I trust him. I’m quite thoroughly  impressed with how well he loves me and how romantic he is towards me. (God, i still need to tell you about my pre-Valentines gift…magical it was.) Neither of us are easy people to date. Yet because we’re the same, we ‘underneath it all’ understand each other. In my mind it’s better to do life with someone who’s just like me. I’m the best person I know. If you’re not like your other half, then maybe it’s like trying to jam the square peg, through the round hole. *Giggle-hair-toss.*

Okay, accidentally i was highly productive last night. Whilst the hubby tended to work. (I admire him for his super work ethic, yet don’t enjoy how worn he becomes from it. I want to take care of him. But i know that shortly we won’t have a thing to worry about.) I made a few work phonecalls for us both (I manage him, when i’m not hormonal) and well just like that i secured a couple more meetings that take us a glitzy baby step forward. I feel on top of the world when i succeed. Like love, it makes me feel alive. [Wine here.]

After work last night, when i was having a vino and he was exhausted from work, he asked me why i wanted to do ‘forever’ with him and ‘why i would’ve said yes’ to him if he proposed to me after the first week? It makes me worried when he questions my love for him, because i’ve never loved anyone the way i love him. Therefore it must mean i’m a rubbish girlfriend? But anyhow 🙂 i tended to wine and remembered that no good story ever began with juice. It may have started with a tonic, yet until it had the gin spritz, it never really amazed anyone. I’m the gin spritz in anyone’s tonic and for some reason it terrifies people. But ah well…i think i’m an outstanding model of ‘W.O.M.A.N,’ fizzed over with ‘ooh laa’ and giggles. We had good *rumpy* yesterday on the sofa. All i’m gonna say is that the art of role play is still alive. We have great bedroom chemistry..even though i prefer ‘comfy’ sex.I think i’m a traditionalist. I’m modern but genuinely like to keep things old school.  Or…just old. 🙂

Anyway, this was just a quickie. I’m having to try and organize my ever so delicious book launch party, where i’ll invite family and friends to come celebrate my written life and buy my book out of courteousy. 🙂 Then i think i’m going on a couple VIP ‘Wunna’s Book Launch’ club parties, just to get you all in the mood. I’m really really excited for it now. I actually still haven’t seen it yet. It makes me really nervous. (Flashback of how mental Ruby was last night. I loved it. I truly have spawned a DIVA.)

Before i go, make sure you buy your copy of MORE magazine today. Both Keiran and I are in it…in the ‘Real Life’ features..and we’d love for you to worship it. 🙂 I haven’t managed to buy one yet, as i haven’t mastered the art of slipping out of my pyjamas. He’s filming his showreel today and i’m organizing parties. Life is great. Loving your messages (apart from the one that i recieved yesterday, that was written in full spanish. I thought it looked quite romantic, until i realized that the only words i understood were the words ‘open’ and ‘vagina.’ Men! Who created them.

Go buy More Mag…

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