Love, Respect & Sunsets

Today’s a good day. One more sleep. Just one more sleep.

It’s raining outside, and I’m sat in the back seat of a charcoal Mercedes Benz. But I’m feeling pretty good. I’m okay.

Ruby’s at Pete’s. (That’s her Daddy.) Pete and I right now co-parent SO so well. I guess because we both put Ruby’s wishes first. So even though she hasn’t wished to go visit him, over the last couple weeks. She even opted to not go on holiday with him…which surprised me? Not because she didn’t adore her Dad, but because Wunna Land has pretty much been her joy and she just wanted to be by her brother’s side.

After a really great day of being pampered. A really great family day of lunching…I looked at my daughter, as we watched the sunset over the Yorkshire fields last night, by Rogerthorpe Manor… She was on a swing that was tied with thick rope to branches of a tree.

I looked at her, filled with pride, knowing that the Summer Holidays were now coming to an end and said,

‘Y’know, I love you SO much. Tomorrow’s meant to be a Daddy day. I know it would mean the world to him if you went and hung out with him.’

Ruby: ‘Can I take him chocolates and show him Cubby The Bear?’

‘Ofcourse!!! I mean you can’t go there without Cubby The Bear. Daddy needs to know I’m too!’

She *paused.* I saw all the cogs wheeling around in her head.i didn’t know what she was thinking. She’s an old soul is Ruby. She looked so serious.

Then she looked right back at me after a few moments…

Ruby: ‘Will he cuddle Cubby? I want him to cuddle Cubby, like Cubby’s real….’

I smiled but said nothing …She smiled back like she trusted me with all of her heart.

Ruby: ‘I think I WILL see Daddy tomorrow.’

What I loved about that moment by the sunset, was that she was never forced to do anything she didn’t want to do. Pete’s the same. He respects her. We respect her mind, her manner, her heart and her decisions.

Then we walked inside for drinks around a barrel, as the day turned to night…and talked executive pamper suites for her birthday. Lol. It didn’t take her long to switch back to ‘bouji.’

I love this video….It’s a memory i’ll hold in my heart.

Y’know, I didn’t know what she was thinking when she paused for a few moments, when I asked her about her Dad. I’ll never know. However, I guess after weighing things up in her own little heart and witnessing the emotions of what others are going through, she agreed to have her Daddy time and have the most wonderful day.

I think she felt lucky!

I also think Cubby The Bear is going to drive Pete nuts!!! Haha.

Pete: ‘Wait? You bought the bear, real life human clothes, from a store? Haha.’

Me: ‘Haha. I thought I did good. I redirected her to Primark and bought one for £9, instead of the £30 one she wanted from Next? Cubby even did lunch with us in a high chair at Ego. He even had a starter. 🙂 ‘

Ruby: ‘Do you love Cubby Daddy?’

Pete: ‘I love Cubby! AND his coat! I’d wear that. I like your skirt as well!!! Is it from Ted Baker or something?’

Ruby: ‘Thanks. It’s a dress!!!!!!’’

Hahaha…..She’s like a mini me, with an annoying creepy bear….that plays ‘peekaboo.’

Today has just felt like a really great day because I have things to look forward to.

Tomorrow should be wonderful. I’ll hear this again!!!!

I’ve spent today with my Mum. It’s her Benz that I’m sat in the back of, whilst typing this blog out on my phone…weirdly with my third right hand finger???? Why am I so odd??

It’s not raining anymore. It’s sunny.

I’m the luckiest person…just like you…doing life.

So far I’ve had what I can only call the most beautiful time.

Like I always say to Ruby and Junior…

‘I never know what’s going to happen to us. I just know it’s going to be wonderful.’

All my love,


Ps/ Aww. D Bear has just messaged me.

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