Love, Life and Pooey Nappies


It’s WONDERFUL! It’s MARVELLOUS! I am the happiest little kitten in all of the land. *Wiggle-Giggle.*

Nothing is more delightfully delicious to me than enjoying the family that Keiran and I have magically created, from a ‘look,’ a moment of ‘fall in love’ and a ‘commitment.’ It’s AMAZING and well our gorgeous little bundle has brought us so much utter joy, dipped in glitter juice than we cannot even imagine life without him. We’re on Cloud 9 and still floating.

I’m recovering superbly. I’ve rocked the heels, I’m not terrified of visiting the toilet anymore, (I enjoy referring to the toilet like it’s a Grandma that doesn’t like me,) and i’m slowly losing my ‘bumpalump.’ When I returned from the hospital I still had what i called my ‘5 month bumpage,’ and well being the Glamour Puss that I am, I was most displeased. I thought i’d ping back into shape with a ‘Wham bammy- Heeeelllllooooo Size Zero.’ Yet no. I’m slowly rocking my still a bit swollen jelly belly, but i’m proud of it in a way, making far less shallow than I ever thought i’d be and simply because everything i’ve gone through and still going through physically was absolutely WORTH IT. Just like I adore my delicious Baby Ruby, my little Baby Junior is just PERFECT. He’s YUMMY. We just can’t get enough. (However, I think Rubes…who weirdly now looks like a 7 year old to me, even though she’s only 2…wants him to be able to talk and play with her already. We’re actually smothering Rubes with truck loads of buttery love, just to make sure she knows how much we adore her….even though there’s a new arrival.)

I have the perfect family.

I will tell you that my little son has got some serious ‘swagger.’ He’s gorgeous and well both Keiran and I find him hilarious. He’s so miniature and very spunky, very alive. He does ‘He Man’ arms and rock and roll fingers, the ‘gun show’ and slowly moves his arms in a Kung Fu movie ninja manner. He smiles when he gets snuggled and we think he has GREEN EYES. (Like his Daddy.) He’s an eating machine and thoroughly enjoying Wunna land. I’m sooooo proud of Keiran for being such a wonderful husband and an even greater father, to both Ruby and Junior. To see him being so affectionate and loving is amazing to any girl really. I mean, he’s stayed up and done the ‘baby-wake-night shift’ every night so far and refused to let me do it because he believes I need to rest and recover! He’s feeling very protective over the baby and well he can’t leave him to go upstairs even, let alone to work. He couldn’t even drive the other day without worrying about him in the car, we had to stop off at Mothercare and delight in their baby feeding room for air. Yesterday, he cuddled me and told me how beautiful I was and how happy he was to have me as his wife. He looked at me with his arm around me as we left our local grocery store, beaming with joy saying, ‘You are the entire love of my life.’ Awww! How could I be so lucky. In HIS words, ‘We’ve been blessed.’ (So there..we can’t be that bad after all.)

(I’m in heels. BOOYAH!)

We actually had a moment where we were stood in the parking lot….I was holding Baby Junior in the shade, as Keiran placed sun blinds on the back windows of the car. They were black cat faces. With whiskers. On our Mercedes.

We just looked at each other and pissed ourselves laughing, with a ‘what have we become!’ 🙂 We’ve gone from ‘Army-Player-Player,’ and ‘Hollywood Glamour Party Kitten,’ to a hardcore, in love, ‘Mummy and Daddy,’ tag team and we couldn’t be happier. We’re loving it. It’s what life is about and weirdly what we both wanted, craved and needed. I FEEL LUCKY. I mean, yeah…we’re still an all singing, all dancing, glitzy, fairytale, troup of ‘mummy-daddy’ glory, equipped with six pack, tans and false eyelashes. However, the simple life, love and family is just something we’re bizarrely…dare I say…made for. WHO’DA THOUGHT! I mean, I think of everything we’ve been through, the fighting, the loving, the throwing each others things out the house and the struggle, to finally find a balance and reach the peak of our love, as we step onto ‘the next level,’ hand in hand and with a smile on our faces.

The great thing about feeling this wonderful,(and I am annoyingly, gushingly merry as of right now and who wouldn’t be after having a bundle of gorgeous bambino,)  is that good things happen to the ridiculously happy. It sends out positive vibes of ‘ooh laa,’ and The Gods shimmie a rain shower of good fortune upon you, whilst bathing you in a sunshine beam of ‘dreams come true.’ (WOW! That was very ‘Rainbow Bright’ of me. AND there’s no champagne in my system!) But it’s true. Well I believe it is anyway and well in Wunna land, what I believe…goes….;)

So yes, all is well. I’m slowly attempting to lose my baby weight. I’m still enjoying every inch of being in love and my family and i’m as happy as can be!

Hope you’re feeling just as great and again THANK YOU for all your wonderful messages! In fact THANK YOU to the staff at Pinderfields hospital for all their help. You were fantastic and looking after me and tremendously great at complimenting me when i needed it. 🙂 Didn’t like the needle jabs…but i’ll forgive you because I left with a healthy baby boy! Hurrah!

I actually have lots going on right now…lots that I will tell you about later today in a blog. It’s all go-go-go…and for once I don’t mean men in pink Speedos dancing around poles for dollar bills.

Now, i’ll get back to my nappy changing mayhem. We just laughed this morning when we found ourselves on our living room floor changing Junior’s pooey nappy on a zebra changing mat and Ruby’s pooey nappy, as she laid right next to him, before she went to nursery! Craziness. But the craziness that you really couldn’t live without!



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