Love, Life, 9 inch heels & the BBC

I’ve had the most WONDERFUL last couple of days. I’ve had living room pinics, filled with noodles, burgers, garlic bread and comfort food. I’ve been snuggled galore, shared smiles, sheets, looks and cuddles with the man of my dreams and whilst i was stuffing my face with singapore chow mein, i managed to bare bum sit on a live wasp, see it to it’s death, have a few custard creams, steal toilet rolls, bin bags, stub my toe, bang my knee on an open suitcase and then settle it ALL with a spray tan! (I’m currently a bit moody because i’ve returned home after the most magical two days with my ‘Handsome’ a Mother who is seemingly grumpy and therefore lovingly taking it out on me. *Yawn.* Don’t you just hate it when people do that! If you’re moody, BE MOODY, say you’re moody and get over you’re moodiness. Remove yourself from ‘Happy land!’ Don’t start being EVIL to those merry beings around you, simply because YOU feel miserable. I’ve walked miles in 9 inch heels today, with a human in my belly GODDAMITT! I’m knackered. I don’t have time for mardiness, right now. I *zoned* her out! It was not well recieved. Lots of *hair-tossing & storming off* occured at this point and not even by me!!  )

I’ll go back to my wonderful two days in a wee bit. Today Loverboy and I spent our day training it to Manchester to the BBC, to audition for a little ‘something/something.’ I loved it and loved how confident Pete was all the way there. I mean, we don’t know how well we did or anything, but in a few days we’ll be told. If i’m honest, i’d be nice if we did get a little BBC love. I’m in the mood for it. I think we’re down to the last bunch of pickings? We need luck! I’m feeling 50/50 about how well i did? It was actually quite daunting and quite bright sitting, all dollified and  infront of a camera, a question answering. However, i can’t think of a better way to spend a day! Fun! An adventure and I looked hoochie. I never learn! 🙂 If we get it, we get it and we do want to get it. If we don’t, we don’t and it will be a story to tell our *bumpage.* (Our  little *bump* has been on loads of auditions already! Aww…! It’s a working *bump.* I’m soooo proud.) In regards to the audition…i’m one to believe that you will get what you are supposed to get.

On the way back from the BBC in Manchester, Pete made me commit to a 30 minute walk, in my 9 inch heels, hoochie mama outfit, hidden under a coat, and a baby in my belly! OMG, you have never seen me sooo MAD! He chose a 30min walk, over a 3 second train journey, simply because he wanted to, making us miss ALL our trains and then had the cheek to polish it off with a ‘The exercise’ll be good for you!!’ OMG…are you stupid!!! I yelled at him all the way home. It must have been a sight to see. My flat capped hero,being brutally scorned by little Dolly me and simply because he made me walk. I don’t even care! I’m a glamour puss! Heels, pregnancy, inappropriate outfit=NO WALKING! I had back ache, blisters on my feet and a frown. I bollocked him!!! I hate to be rushed, forced, dragged or walked. I glide, strut or totter, glamourously at my OWN speed. Pete’s the kind guy that will see that a train we can take home is about ot leave in 1 minute and try to make us RUN for it. Lets not be ridiculous!! I’m [swear here] in heels, knackered and PREGGO!!! I had flipping blisters! (Luckily, i proved him wrong and won. His car got locked in a parking lot, and simply because he refused to take MY train option. #Wunnawins.)

Other than all that the BBC thing today, was soooo much FUN!!! Kinda made me miss my time in the BBF mansion! I have wonderful memories from it. One’s that i’ll speak of, when i’m rummed up and 80. It’s weird auditioning with someone else, though? Pete’s a great deal more shy than I, so when it’s his turn to talk, i always want to talk OVER him, by accident. HAHA. Oopsie. Not sure what happened? But i do know that when ‘willy enlargements‘ are mentioned at any audition…it probably didn’t go as well as you hoped? Loverboy hates it when i talk over him. (‘OMG you kept answering my questions! They were MY questions.’) I’m surprised he’s not used to it by now.

Anyway, we’ve made up now and we’re back onto ‘fairytale’ mode. A grand mode of function. I think i got upset because i didn’t want to leave him, after an amazing two days. I used the high heeled hike, as my excuse. (I’m a hypocrite. Woohoo!)  We’re just kittens who are highly attached to one another and it seems that we’re each others world. I’m not used to being or feeling this way. But i’m liking it. I love, love. There’s a lot of it in the world. Infact, I’m madly in love and It’s nothing short of marvellous. (I got so moody with him today, that i kept dodging his 16.22 kisses at Leeds train station for *rush hour* to see.  I might have been *shouting* too? Oops! Apparently even my whispering is ‘mountain top’ loud. Then i had a Whopper burger and luckily felt much better!)

The train journey home was half relieving and half lonely. I’m in my pyjamas now, thankful to be home and in giant socks, whilst reading text messages from Harriet claiming that she loves that I was on ‘sex lessons,’ poems from Pearce about squirrels on drugs, DM’s from fans, who just needed  someone to talk to and i’m surrounded by kittens and sided by fire place. Bliss! I love warmth! I love life. I love Me. I love  everything!

The last two days were magical because for the first time Pete and I, got to be Pete and I….rawly.We never actually have had proper time with each other alone and by our rules. The last two days were simply that. I sat around with not much on my face, slobby clothes and no hair pieces. He snuggled me, and told me how much he cared. We got to go to sleep next to each other, in our OWN (well his own) bed and then wake up next to each other, like there was nothing more important in this entire world but love. I’m so happy right now, i could cry. It’s overwhelming, sort of recieving a happy ending. (No, i don’t mean a dirty one….for once. 🙂 )  

We’re really going to be more than okay and forever. I can’t even believe it….I did it. I’ve found my ‘happy.‘ (It’d be really nice to get that BBC thing now, to cream life off with that wonderful  ‘glitter finale.‘ We’ll see.. It’d be a good way to celebrate ‘Us.’)

God, i can’t actually move my body from the boobs down. It aches that bad from my FORCED high heeled hike around Manchester. I could’ve DIED! I think i’ll have a bed day tomorrow. Every inch of me…but my face (ofcourse not the face) …aches severely!! Lovely! Lovely! Never wearing those BITCH heels AGAIN. *Tosses them.*

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