Love, Licks and Book Launch Parties

A Wunnaful day of love and romance. After a ‘yesterday’ of Keiran and i attempting to ignore one another, under the very same roof, we managed to end the evening on the high with a giggle and a make up. Over the Easter weekend we had gone through a bit of ‘bumpy,’ due to me feeling as though he was being irresponsible, couldn’t be bothered to come home to me and well…all the other good kind of girl politics. I will admit that he was lovely upon his return, apologetic with a lesson learnt. However the next morning went a little pear shaped, as we Glamour Pusses find it rather difficult to ‘let go’ of our torment when it comes to ‘handsomes.’ We’re both stubborn. We both ignored each other, for the majority of the next day. (I stayed upstairs, decorated in cream satin sheets, in my bed drinking bubbled wine. He watched telly downstairs, pulling goat faces at me.)

Weirdly we actually proved how much we love each other, as it really was FAR MORE exhausting ignoring him and diva hair-tossing with an ‘am i  bothered’…then it was to just love him. He left and returned. I left and returned. (Unfortunately i managed to get yelled at by former aquaintances, whilst i had a tin of peas in my hand during my ‘i left. Fucking typical! lol. Being yelled at is only ever good when you look hotter than hell, that your stance alone wins your fight, or when you have champagne in your hand.)

I stormed through my garden and back through my patio door, to tell him all about my ‘yelling’ experience and just like that the ice was mildy broken. Then little baby Ruby was delivered to the occasion and well that’s when i finally turned around, said ‘sorry’ with a smile and looked at his happy face of utter relief. We’re back to fairytale. Back in the bubble. Had the most amazing ‘makeup’ sex of the corner sofa this morning. (OMG I LOVE *RUMPY* WITH HIM!) And well we’re bad to being utterly in love and now we know it’s 100% unconditionally. He looked at me today all cuddly and adorable, whilst telling me that he was so happy to be experiencing love and i guess we’re just a couple who are fated to be together. No-one loves each other, like we love each other and the great thing is that when things go a tiny bit wrong…we can always make it right…and then laugh, because what we feel for each other totaaly out weighs anything that could happen. We’re learning about each other everyday and well it’s getting stronger and stronger as we go along. (Today he told me that i was beautiful and how lucky he was to have me. Made me feel all wonderful, like a Princess of all ultimate Kiity cats. We’re lucky to have each other and mainly because without each other, i don’t think we’d even know what to do?)

I’m really excited about the book now. A bit nervy now. However i’ve had a quick skim through part of it today and it’s actually quite good..even if i say so myself. 😉 (I have a wine. Forgive me.) I’m dolling up, i’m losng weight, i’m determined to look divine and i’m ready to take this book and rocket with it! There’s so much going on with the filming, our own unofficial show, the book launch and well basic parenting and life living that i don’t even know where to dollop my pretty arse for a start. I’m taking (well we both are) really calmly and i’m not sure why we are, as they’re all quite massive things!! I’m not sure if it’s because i always expected it to happen, or whether it’s simply because i haven’t yet absorbed it. *spritz here.*

Tomorrow, we’re meeting Allan at ‘The Loft’ Xscape at 7pm to begin organizing the book launch party and my party tour. It’s all very exciting and well i can’t wait to get it all going and begin all the press. I still don’t have a copy of my book yet, so i’m dying to see it and i hope it’s all correct! I’ve been PR prepped with a ‘you know what you’re doing’ and well i can’t wait to see what Allan has to say about my launch party. My inital launch party will be with privately invited guests, family, friends, press, special invites and that’s where the first copies of my book will be available and i will be signing them as a big ‘thank you for purchasing.’

I will be inviting fans to this private event…so if you fancy a bit of one on one Wunna love email me at It will be being filmed. (Pre- warning you.)

I want it to be glamourous, magical, glistening and all diamond white!

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