Love, Lashes and Surprises!


Good, strong, men are far more attracted to good strong women who work hard, do well and own success with a stamp of ‘Va voom.’ That’s a fact. Just thought i’d throw that out there!


So sorry that I haven’t managed to blog since Friday. Right now, I’m a busy girl and the time that i’m not working, i’m indulging with my babies. (Ooh, ooh…da babies.) Things are currently super fabulous and i’m feeling pretty great. I’m working hard, doing well…embracing all that’s chucked at me and doing it with a wink. I’m feeling appreciated. I’m feeling loved and girls…Mama is making BANK. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to Christmas and i’m really happy today because it’s weird how many lives you accidentally touch without you really realizing. I’m a good egg. I must be. 🙂 Who’d a thought!  (Wink, Pout.)

So yeah, working hard. I’m owning two jobs and bundling up my eyelash line for the launch this Christmas with my greedy, loving and rather glitzy arms of ‘ooh laa.’ ( I was apparently on telly last night. The Milkman at work told me he heard my voice, late at night, whilst he was having a cuppa tea on his telly box. It scared him.)  I’m actually working my notice at one place and it’s weird because you don’t realize how much you’ll maybe miss people until it’s time to gallop off and away into the distance. I’m gonna miss folk. But it’s all good as everything happens for a reason and well i’m lucky. Really lucky. I mean, I don’t even know if I deserve to be this lucky, but who’s complaining, NOT ME. It’s the opening of three very new chapters for me and well i never do things a chapter at a time…it’s three…and i love it.

New day job, the lash line…and new lease of life on romance. I’m going on a date tomorrow. I’ve never been to the place that i’ve picked before. Yet, i can’t wait, because i feel as though i had such a good moment with the being in question, under the stars on Sunday evening…that it all made sense, all felt right and well they were brave. After normal chitter chatter, the threw in a ‘how they were actually feeling’ moment…and i like that. I’m quite outspoken and i certainly appreciate it in others.I love passion. I’m offended at next to nothing. And with boys…i love bravery. So, the fact that they  casually whopped in a ‘we should go out one night…’ after our chilling…made me happy. Tomorrow night, we’re out to dinner and I picked a little restaurant in Doncaster, that i’ve never been to, firstly because I adore Donny and secondly because i wanted NEW ground to stomp, romance and do memories on!


But yes, work, love and family are going sooooo well.

I don’t know what else to tell you, other than it’s time for me to pour a night cap! I’m finding some really talented folk right now, who i’m snagging by my side for Chrissie Wunna ltd. The smart people hire the people who are great at what they do, to help. 🙂 Got home today, saw the most awesome lash line surprise….it made me jump with glee..and just like that…i found another awesome human to bundle in m luxury bag of talent! (Thanks Graham!)

Right got to go. It’s Baby time and i have work, work work, tomorrow.

Big kisses,

Happy Almost Christmas. (I skip Halloween. I think it’s shitty. 🙂 )

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