Love, Lashes and Haters


Well, I have just had the busiest weekend ever! I have honestly worked my Asian arse off and then some and well if nothing else, i feel a mighty sense of achievement and as long as i’m feeling that, i’m all good. I’m a driven girl, i’m built for challenges. I enjoy to have dreams, (dream job, goal or boy) and achieve them…:) and well i might be shattered, glamourously shattered (She fans herself)..i’m doing fantastically and it honestly has nothing to do with the fact that the mink leather Jimmy Choo’s that I bought myself dor my birthday arrived TODAY!! 🙂 There is nothing like working all weekend, coming home to babies who appreciate you and then having a parcel filled with Jimmy choo handed to you, as a pre ‘to yourself’ birthday gift. Now..i’ve always believed girls should be spoiled, but if you’re ever in a position where you can buy your own bit of luxury than it always feels much better. 🙂 I wave the flag for all Independent women. I’m doing full time day job, running my won lash business and raising two babies ALL BY MYSELF…and doing it better than i ever thought I could. So, if I can do it, anyone can.

Yeah, i’ll admit that i never have my love life down, but i will tell you that my heart is currently open to it. After all that shite i went through, my heart is open to love, The read deal kind and finally. 🙂 (I have been waiting for some kind of Skype response from a being, and haven’t gotten it, but i’m’ll be coolio. 🙂 But likeany girl…it makes me hit panic button..a little. 😉 ) So sue me…i’m passionate.

To day how crappy this year began…and how crappy the end of last year was…i can’t believe that i’ve made it this far. I’ve excelled myself emotionally and i deserve  fricking trophies. I DID IT. I FUCKING DID IT.

And i’m the kinda girl who people seem to hav a lot to say about…be it good OR BAD. So i skim all the comments or messages that head my way and giggle with a ‘whatever.’ I mean, i’m a lot different to how ‘Mr.Joe Bloggs’ my read or see me…and i’m grateful for that. I must be? I’m a lot less diva than you think. I’m a lot less insecure than you want me to be and i actually don’t even look as bad as ou think i do without my face on. Lol. I’m actually a jolly good laugh. I’m warm, not cold. I’m happy not sad and i’m more giddy than bitchy. More ‘Princess’…than evil. I mean, just because my boobs are made of silicone, doesn’t mean i’m *name every label that comes with that here.*

So, i tip my hat to you for being judgemental because it makes me smile because i’m actually nothing like that or you. I’m easy going…and it all comes from having a good old heart. 🙂 Sooo people can say what they want…i’ve done super well…and well i completely understand how hard others may have it life in comparison…and to them i send love, as we’ve all danced on rock bottom.


So, i have a full week of work, but i’m looking forward to my Christmas break. I’m ready for a date, a cuddle and to be spoiled. Oh and  massage. I really neeed one, so anyone who wants to fill the above quota may apply. 🙂 BIRTHDAY IN FIVE DAYS, (JESUS! I can’t get this image that a sixty year old lady gave me today of a cooking sausage that looked like a big raw willy. She showed it me and then giggled, like it was the best thing she had ever fried. HHAHAHA.) Loved it. I need therapy. I’m scarred. People show me the weirdest shit because i give off the grandest impression known to man.) People also stated that i apparently never give myself credit when i do something awesome…I apparently laugh it off, like it was all a fluke, when really actually i’ve worked super hard at it to get where i wanted to be?) 😉 The way this year was headed i’m sure danger was head, but i fucking did it. I have nurtured the two babies, worked a full time day job, achieved and created my own business…all swimmingly..thank you very much! 🙂

I might not have the best love life right now…but i will…and i will because i want it. My hearts ready.

Sooooooooooooooo to any chick out there…you really can do anything and achieve anything you want to, with a little love and focus. And to any guy that see’s me as a potential…:)…i flipping am! 🙂

Okay, godda go…i have a super long week of work.

But, i love it. It’s fun.

Buy lashes,


Ciao. x



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