Love, Jumpers & Christmas


Morning all you delightful glamour pusses of glory!

I truly to hope Monday is being kind to you. I bizarrely woke up feeling a fresh as a dew dripped daisy, but it’s because I went to bed with good thoughts in my head. Thoughts that provoked a more positive future and when one is more positive, you sort of fill your bubble with love, excitement and a bundle of ‘dreams come true.’

I guess what I’m learning is that sometimes in life you have to stop thinking so hard and just follow your heart. can do it with your fingers crossed in sheer dying hope that you achieve a soft landing and in one piece. Yet being brave enough to skip forward with what your heart tells you to feel, before your head tries to get involved and make you see sense :) sometimes (and I DO WANT TO STRESS THE WORD ‘SOMETIMES’) just what the doctor ordered.

I grew up living my life on the edge with nothing but whole hearted actions of joy. I may have got into pickles here and there in Hollywood. But I have a past and a history of so much colour now that it has led me to this blog. Which has led me to other great things. Since being a Mum, I’ve forgotten to follow my heart and always always consulted MY HEAD to make every single decision possible. Yet the thing about being so constructed when your me, is the simple fact that it doesn’t always work. I’m best when i’m throwing skin to the wind and living. I’m most creative that way and more opportunities have come to me, be it in work, or be it in love..when I have behaved in such a manner.

I went to bed feeling great and woke up at 5.49am..(odd i know) but FRESH AS A DAISY. Ruby (who had nightmares all night) wheeled herself into my room in her pink Minnie Mouse car and ‘honker.’ Yes, at 5.49am. It was flashing like a pink pound disco and singing me various songs in the soothing voice of Minnie Mouse. (Yes…at 5.49am.)

In life you can have it all. You can hold a relationship, be a mum, work hard and make a name for yourself. I want to be a success and as long as I believe I can do it, I will. I’m seizing every opportunity that I can and because I know they always lead onto other things if done correctly.

HOWEVER, never let others take advantage of you. Concentrate on what YOUR doing in life and never worry about what others are tending to. Do things because YOU LOVE TO DO THEM.

This blog is actual my chill hour before the  big old work day starts. I need to empty my head (*wiggle-wink*) before I can even nearly tend to business and that’s after 40 gallons of coffee.

My advice to anyone in love or wanting to be in love is that when you find your match you will know you have found them simply because you will always have that ‘chemistry.’ You could have been in a relationship that has suffered through the hardest of times, or never even really known each other until you became passersby…but there will a moment where you look at one another…and connect. It’s chemistry, the sizzle, the ‘oooh laaa.’ That connection means something and if that connection can keep relighting through many moons of time, you have found your ultimate soulmate.

Relationships are odd things because people get into relationships for all different reasons. The right reasons, the wrong reasons…with Mr.Right at the wrong time, or Mr.Wrong at the right time? Money can take precedence over love in some flings of love.  Or a void that needed to be filled for security may come into play. Yet the best kind of love is the love that is simple and the love that lasts. The love that starts off as a childhood innocent kind of a ‘stand by forever’ love. That’s the love to be celebrated. But as long as you have love, give love and can feel love, you can make anything in this world happen. You need that as your a foundation…and the more simple you keep it… the better.

I always think a girl should be a girl and a man should be a man and often girls take on a more masculine role and vice versa. But it’s important to let a man feel like a man sometimes. I’m not good at that, because i’m quite ‘I am woman here me roar.’ I like that in me because it makes me the strongest kitten in the basket. BUT, that needs to be balanced out with a gentle purr of ‘okay then…treat me.’ Women need to feel adored and men need to feel like MEN. That’s it! Make me President and save the world!

I think most good men want to treat their other halves, provide, protect and love and it’s only when they feel that they can’t… that they also feel less of a man. Women too, we want to love and care for the ones that we love. It’s a good thing. I know that these days a lot of men take the easy root and date successful women. Those relationships rarely last because a woman is simply that same little girl who wanted to be looked after. We all were read the same fairytales as children, weren’t we chicks! 🙂 And well if that girl had a good Daddy, then boys you have something to live up to because a standard of love has been set!

However, I will say that it is important for a woman to stand on her OWN FEET and try and make her OWN millions. That way there’s balance and less pressure on both the girl because she can buy herself anything and without having to consult for permission and well the boy…he doesn’t have to sweat it out so much. His wallet isn’t being drained of juice. 🙂 Life is much much easier on the whole.

Anyway enough rambling. How boring of me. More importantly…

I adore this jumper form George at Asda!


I got into a Facebook convo with ex-work colleague and now good friend Ruth. (She now does PR for Ginetta, which pretty much her dream job.) Anyway, she’s now in this perfect relationship with her perfect boy, who race cars for the same company and well who is the kind of gent she could certainly do ‘forever’ with. He’s thoughtful and kind. But quiet and together. They’re a true example of love in it’s simplest yet most refined form. They both work hard and for the same company. She’ll treat him when she fancies it and always out of love. He’ll venture out and about and bring home some olives simply because he knows that they are her favourite. Awww…

HOWEVER!! This time when he returned…not only olives were purchased! 🙂 He treated Ruth to  CHRISTMAS PUDDING JUMPER!!! YES! That one up there!!!

I mean it doesn’t get better than that Christmas pudding jumper and i’ve seen fact a JOLLY LOT of Christmas jumpers and just so you know… YOU ALL SHOULD BE ROCKING A CHRISTMAS JUMPER, THIS CHRISTMAS. 🙂 ( Well of course, at Christmas… as I guess it would be odd to do it in Spring?) So make sure you grab yours and make it your own. It is a season STAPLE in my mind!

But yes he bought her it and in a man’s size. Lol. That’s men for you. 🙂

They went to the German market in Leeds, (where she wore it) to cosy up over warm mulled wine, grid girls, with work mates and smiles. Ruth enticed me with a ‘Wunna, we can drink and wear furs,’ as she flung me an invitation. I couldn’t go…because she told me 4 hours before she was going to the market! When you have little munchkins to take care of.. NOTICE is needed. Followed by a memo.

Can you not just bring’em in like prams?’ 

You can tell she obviously hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting my Baby 1…Ruby,who already at 2 years old thinks she’s a teenager, who would delight in the fact that she was at a bar all night, by ‘pretty lights’ with Mummy. Honestly she would! I have to remind my loin fruit that she is still a child and that things of that sort are NAUGHTY and not for her!! 🙂 But yes, I would’ve loved a German market night. However, I can’t drag the babies around a bar…in prams. LMAO.

Anyhow, I adore that jumper so much that I actually went and bought one. (£14 Asda.) I LOVE BEING A CHRISTMAS PUDDING! And just because i’m obsessed with it, I have also bought one for the GIVEAWAY 🙂 and i’m not even nearly joking!

So, i’ve decided to leave you with this bit of jumper love. You can pretty much grab one ANYWHERE right now and if a section of your closet doesn’t look like this, then you’re just not working the festive season to your advantage. 🙂











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