‘Love’ is All You Need


Feeling positive and feeling happy and just wanna make sure you are to. Love is all anyone needs and sometimes you might not realize how ‘loved’ you are. But i guarantee you that you are and that someone, somewhere in this world is thinking about you at this precise moment and cares about you more than you can imagine.

It’s important to surround yourself with good beings, who are whole and strong. Beings who are doing well in life. Beings who tell you when you are wrong. Beings who only want the best for you, who want to share strength and not weakness. You will know who these beings are…( in LA i would always refer to them as my ‘soldiers,) because when something happens to you, these people are the people who will without judgement always be there in a drop of a hat, whether you need them to be or not. They’re the legs to your table, without them you’ll fall flat on your face. I’m the kinda girl who will whole heartedly fight and be there for anyone i truely care about. It’s the Wunna way and i encourage it in others.

Like i said ‘love ‘ is all anyone needs, so before the day is over take time to tell someone that you care, give your best friend a cuddle, tell someone why you admire them. This may all sound a bit cheesey, but it’s amazing how the smallest gesture can make all the difference.

I love you all and may the Gods be good to whoever is reading this blog right now, no matter where you are in the world. x

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