Love, Glitter and Booze

You know you’ve had an amazing night, when you’re on a dark dirt track, at 3am, in a blue car, convincing a ‘Handsome’ that it’s probably best that refrained from driving home in nothing but his pants! Last night, ‘Loverboy’ and I did drinks. We’ve got quite good at the doing of drinks. Well i’ve always been good at the doing of drinks. I mean I’m the Queen of cocktail. *shimmie much.* However, he’s now learning the ways of The ‘rather delicious’ Wunna and in return He is teaching me this random thing called, ‘stability.’ I’ve never had a boy be so good to me before, without fearing me so much that an immediate ‘show’ or a ‘front’ as i call it, comes to surface, in a moment of panic much. When i date any boy, i meet their ‘front’ and the ‘pretend’ version of their merry self, before i actually meet them. Right from the initial ‘ eye contact’ of ‘ooh,’ men never seem to feel comfortable around me. I make them nervous. But that’s the way i like it. *Wink, giggle.* It makes cocktailing in bars far more exciting for a Glamour Pussy Galoreness.

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