Love, Boners and Connections

Morning my gorgeous twinkles of Glamour Puss! I have two consecutive days off work…which is great because I feel as though i swung into 2015 gracefully and with a smile in my eyes and passion in my kitty heart. Days off only feel good when you’re not stressed. Obviously work wise, things don’t truly go back to normal until Monday…yet began the year with a jolly old work day as it accidentally made me feel productive…and like this was the manner that the rest of the year was going to follow suit.

I’m going to be less of a workaholic this year. Don’t get me wrong, i’m gonn work hard, as i feel that you really can’t get anywhere without the grind. That’s what dreams are made off and yeah you can wish for your ‘Prince’ to come rescue you and adore you emotionally, financially and physically…and that will happen if you want it to…however, it’s kinda good to be a girl who has it all anyway. That way any ‘Prince’ isn’t a knobhead in tin foil and is actually a bonus of a Knight in Shining Armour.

For some reason, all of a sudden everyone just seemed to have realized that i’m single. I’ve been single for just over a year!!! Did you notice? Hahaha.

Yet, i will tell you that i sort of stayed single to work hard, begin a business and gather my goods, family stability and keep everyone’s heart ‘together.’ I did that.

Now…i’m ready to date! And weirdly since proclaiming that my inbox has been FILLED with suitors all wishing to take this little kitten on a date! (Not doing bad for an oldie.) And for once, it’s not been filled with willies. (Saying that, you can’t really blame boys, for being the way they are, as they’re wired differently to women.They often don’t mean to be pervs and always wish to remain gentleman, if they actually want to date you seriously…yet if they find you attractive, something happens to them and they’re boner just takes over before you know it a sweet little inbox of ‘you’re stunning’ has turned into a penis picture. HAHAHAHA.)

I never really get offended by it…as i find it hilarious and i understand what being a boy may be like, because they all seem to be the same be they rich, poor, young, old, black, white, stable or weird. 🙂

However, I will tell you that in a partner, i’m looking for a best friend type, lover that i’ll do life with and build love with. A fun, family guy, who I just get on with…it’s as simple as that, without either party feeling stiffled and with both parties feeling bonkers in love with one another. I don’t think it’s that hard. (oh eer)  as i’m as down to earth as it comes. Glamourous, fun, but down to earth…in diamantes. However, it’s how men think I am that’s the problem…as they’re in a position to read my entire life for years on end, Google parts of m life and enter Wunna land without me even knowing 😉 …and that’s all good, as the point to all that is that it’s absorbed, read and enjoyed.

Yet it’s then the preprepped assumptions about my personality, the ‘what makes me tick,’ the ‘what i’m going to go for in a guy,’ what i’m actually like and how they think i should be wooed….that gets to them…before they actually meet me, xx

However, I will tell you that when i’m speaking to a guy, a ‘handsome’ as i’d like to call them…and I connect with them…and i do…I have…and they just see Chrissie for Chrissie, yet at the same time know that there’s this whole ‘Chrissie Wunna’ affair…then i’m happy.

It’s all going well…

I’ve got ot go shopping, but i’ll keep you tuned in…

Laters! Single mum alert.

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