Love, Apes and Gold Digging

Good morning my delicious kitty cats if ‘hubba-hubba.’ I stayed awake reading all night, with my ‘fast asleep’ little Ruby laid by my right, trumping and snoring, like the purest little angel in all of the land. 🙂 When i say ‘reading,’ i simply mean ‘Googling’ things until my rather glamourous curiousity is fulfilled and at peace with the world. I can’t properly read at night, because i have rubbish working eyes. I’m not blind as a bat, as that would be almost better. I’m a contact lens wearer, with ‘just off’ vision. Worst thing ever, other than being felt up by 22 angry apes, under disco lighting. (Not sure where my imagination went then? Especially to say it’s a Sunday morning. A day where religion and all things churchy, swirl through the hearts and minds of many a do-gooder. I do just want you to note, that i am actually a ‘do gooder,’ i just DO ‘Good,’ in heels and in a tan, oh and armed with a huge amount of wit. For some reason it makes people think i’m a bad person. However, if i adore you…i am the best person you will ever know.) Anyway, yeah…what was i saying…? Oh yeah…having ‘just off’ vision is the worst when you have to take your, what i call ‘eyes’ out before bed, it’s like being not fun drunk, but with a giant weave in, to the point where you have to guzzle the Pinot in order to be able to see more clearly. I can’t believe that most people can see without the aid of lenses. As if i was born, having to PAY for my own sight. It like The Gods thought, ‘i know, we’ll bless her into a successful family, give her a classy start to life, a good education and an alright look when she grows up. We’ll move her to Hollywood and make her achieve a bundle of doo-daa’s that will put her name in almost lights. Infact, fuck it, lets make her a model, That’ll do her. We’ll move her back, place in a few more mags, plonk her on a tv show with that blond Hilton chick, give her a baby and then let her marry the man of her dreams. But hey, she can’t have it all…we’ll make her blind and unable to fully see. That’d be funny as fuck. Infact, we’ll make her have to purchase sight via direct debit, and give her a need for cocktail drinking and love. That way we can at least make a few bob out of her. Are we off to the pub?’ (I don’t know why, but that last bit of jolly nonsense, has just made me remember what a prick Boyband Jonny is. What a using little [swear here.] I can’t believe i once let an unworthy boy financially drain me for a short while, without realizing. Girls remember to only date ‘worth it’ males. Even if you go through the idiotic ones, i’m living proof that in the end, the man of your dreams WILL find you, when you’re ready and you’ll find him, when he’s ready. It’s what life is about. Anyway, enough about him, i’m picking that ye olde bit of paper up and setting it alight. *Tosses it over her shoulder.* Keiran helicopter wee’s all over him. I’m happy! It feels good and also somewhat relieving. I’m a lucky little kitty.

Okay, so yesterday Ruby went to Pete’s for an hour, for a mild bit of ‘playtime.’ She ended up having to come home early, because she apparently got there, had a bit of a play, got bored, walked to her shoes and socks, put them on and asked for her bike to take her home. Aww.

When she did arrive home, the first thing she asked for was for me to turn on my laptop and show her a picture of Keiran. So i popped one up and with a bizarre *shriek* of delight screamed joyously, like she has just won the Euromillions, all ‘Daddy, daddy daaaadddy.’ Then she looked at the tv, saw the Calvin Klein advert, pointed and shrieked ‘DAAADDDDY’ again, because she thought David Beckham, was Keiran. (I’ve taught her well, she has good taste. I will say however, that i never went through the David Beckham crush thing, that every girl seemed to go through. I don’t tend to follow suit, i just fancy who i actually  fancy, regardless as to who society says we’re meant to fancy. Lol. (It’s weird how people do that isn’t it. They just decide to fancy whoever’s popular at the time and because the media have told them that that’s who everyone should fancy and well along with ‘high-fiving’…i find that bizarre.) I mean, yeah i get that the chica’s will fancy him due to his high earning wage and his glorious bundle of fame. I admire him for that. I adore successful people. He’s a wonderfully, deserving talent. YET, it doesn’t make me fancy him, it just makes me feel inspired by him. Don’t get the two twisted girls. Gold digging is hideous and makes your life empty. Often people want to be with people who are already in a place where they wish they were in life. That isn’t love. That’s ambition. If you want to get to that place, work hard at your talent and get there yourself. It’s far more rewarding. I’ve left many a successful man in Hollywood, simply because they weren’t my perfect and no amount of fame or money could fill that ‘love’ void. Now i know why…and because one day, which is this time in my life, i was set to meet the ultimate man of my entire dreams, who ticks all my boxes and IS my ABSOLUTE perfect. The only man i would ever want to do life with, grow with, love with , be with and succeed with. A man who is my best friend, who understands me, who loves me more than the world and who works hard for what he wants in life, yet at the same time wouldn’t mind having it all given to him, so he can chill in luxury in his slippers. 🙂 I’ts okay to want luxury, as long as you know what is actually important in life. 🙂 People (well not the people that went to the wedding, you saw the weepy groom breakdown) may look at Keiran and I and underestimate how much we deeply love each other, because we look like a pretty boy and asian bimbo, who married each other based upon a a six pack and a pair of boobs. We’re not that stupid. We get on sooo well and are soo weirdly connected to one another romantically,that it’s truly crazy. I really am not exaggertaing when i’m telling you we’re living a fairytale, Married life is wonderful!! We’re taking good care of each other…and it’s bliss. I want to be the best wife to him ever, as he wants to be the best husband the world has ever seen. It’s cute!

This blog was meant to be my wedding and telling you about all the companies i used to help make the day perfect. Oops! That’ll have to be the next one, as i’ve waffled on dramatically for ages about love, apes and gold digging instead. Jeeze! I’ll never learn 😉

Happy Sunday!  I adore being Mrs.Thompson.



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