Love A Helpful Gent..Much!


Right!!! So I finally managed my big beauty line, Skype call bonanza  with Business man Zach in America…with working microphone and everything!!! I had to bimbo it into PC World/Curry’s and do ‘vacant’ but adorable faces at ‘Knowhow’ men, who laughed, blushed a little, went Yorkshire on me and pointed to a little hole (not that hole) at the side of my notebook, which stated that I simply needed to plug in a headset mic, in order to be up and running. OH!?! 🙂 Silly me!!! 🙂 I am SO not techy it is unbelievable. If i didn’t have Wazza’s wizard help over the years i’d be a goner. My mind just doesn’t work that logically and well I’m the fun sprinkles on the top of your cupcake…the dressing, the icing. Not the serious cake stuff, nor the cup. 🙂

As always they were happy to help and a young girl scanned through my new mic headset…whilst telling me her life story…(which i do actually like, i love people and their worlds…she only see’s a boyfriend once a month because he’s in uni inLondon and one days she’s going to be a lawyer, however right now, she’s scanning shit for Glamour Pusses in Ponty at Curry’s.) See! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some people are on the right ladder up! Others…just aren’t.

Anyway, just got off the Skype call with Zach. I adore a helpful male, be it one that I work alongside, or one that I love. The more helpful they are, in the areas that I know nothing about, the more i believe i can rely on them…and the simple fact that he said, ‘You can sleep more easily now, knowing that you have me on board’ made me feel as comfortable as comfy could get! Panic station’s over. The business/company is getting sorted. 🙂 I did comment on how lovely he was being and how grateful i am for the help. Yet he did remind that I was actually paying him, so i shouldn’t FEEL BAD for his help…as it really is his job! HAHA.

I think i’m so used to people being difficult (paid or not paid) or not working hard, or just not being lovely…mainly people who try and make things more difficult on me…that it shocks my system when someone is just so professional, great at what they do and once summoned for help…really does help. This is why this time around I went for the best of the best, in the area of expertise that I needed. You get what you pay for…if you’ve done all the correct research of course.

I like useful gentlemen. Be they a business man, or a handy man. Makes no difference to me! I’ll cheers to all men that aid Wunna land in some way or another and i do mean with good intention.

(I think i was just comforted by his accent, as an American accent reminds me of my LA times, when life was easy, fun and i was surrounded by great people, all doing well and going places in life. I associate that sound with good vibes.)

Anyway, yes…i almost have a company up and running dolls! First batch of lashes out by Christmas…my Limited Ed’s and then we’ll be up, up and away…with rockets up our hinies and everything!

(I’ve just had sushi and i know that I go on preacher rants often, but supermarket sushi AGAIN has done my head in. It’s just not the good stuff! I’ve also noticed that my children are attempting to smuggle their toys, all of their toys into the living room!!! I see bright plastic coloured bits in every corner!  This sin’t the ‘Fisherprice’ factory. I don’t get why babies feel that they need everything they own in toyland…by their side ALWAYS. Then there’s Junior with his blankies. I mean Jesus! I’ve got one child that won’t eat until she’s sick and the other who won’t go anywhere without his comfort blanky. They have issues already and they haven’t really even started life. Single parenting…the bomb diggy right? WRONG. Babies, need families…whole families to become whole, happy adults. I’m even finding single parenting almost abusive now, as I watch them fight for attention. They’re wonderful children and they are loved more than anything in this world. But they just need what ever other child in fairytales has…and that a happy Mummy/Daddy, stable, normal home. Ruby CRAVES it and if anyone was hurt THE MOST from my breakup…it was her…bless her heart. She sufferered massively and emotionally from it, to the point where..and as this morning’s nursery carer agreed, that she’s now emotionally tough. She’s confident already because life has already given her a beat down. And although it’s lovely that she’s now filled with strength…it’s kinda sad isn’t it. So if you’re a guy or GIRL who has left a family, or thinking about leaving a family, before you think about yourself, you should probably think about the other people it may hurt, as they mould into ‘little bit older’s.’  Junior’s not so bad however, as he’s known no different really. That’s his normal. Plus, yeah he’s constantly surrounded by loving women who dote on his every move (me, my mum especially, nursery…everyone)…yet with Junior my Daddy extra stepped in massively, which he never needed to with Ruby because he felt that what Ruby needed was her mother. At first Junior didn’t get it? But now…my dad walks into a room and Junior goes mental with excitement. He’ll start screaming his name until he gets a cuddle. His hat creeps him out though… 🙂 But whatever…that’s life. 🙂 I scream at fashion crimes everyday.

God! I don’t know where all that came from? What we have is LOVELY and warm. But being a single mum as really just made me realize how important it is for families to work at their issues and make the household stable and happy, whole and right for the children. Separating families, just doesn’t work as well, unless the children are so young that they know no different. However, that makes a re-connection much harder for a parent after ‘years gone by’ doesn’t it. It reminds me of the guy earlier this year, a ‘friend zone’ guy, who tried to date me, but had a girlfriend that he was still with, yet having problems with and a 2 year old son. I sat with him and told him how important it was for him to go back and remember what he loved about his relationship, take on his responsibilities and just love. Nurture what he already had. Fix it, instead of thinking that running off and offering himself to a glamour puss, would make everything alright. It doesn’t. 🙂

Ooh i think i’ll have a wine now.

Thank GOD, i bought a bunch of bargain beauty buys form the Beauty Outlet just now. All shimmery tanned, bronzey stuff,which is great for me to buy at the end of the Summer when it’s all on offer, as it’s what I use on a daily. I bought L’Oreal true match foundation in warm…a couple bottles and the Jemma Kid water resistant shimmer bronzer. So ‘ice bucket challenge’ eat ya heart out! I think i also threw in a Smooch eye shadow. Again in bronze with a lighter cream coloured shadow as it’s counterpart. Bliss!  I actually love Smooch products!


But yes, we have victory and i have lashes coming your way soon! Buy them this Christmas please!

Chrissie x













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