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So, i’ve just ventured to the local grocery store to grab a few last minute bits and pieces, to whop together an almost edible lunch for my lovely bit of hubby Keiran, with a side of lottery tickets. (Wouldn’t it be nice to win £100 million tonight. Everyone always moans that the chances are really slim of winning such a prize, but ever since a couple from England, who were probably just sat on their sofa like we are right now WON a giant £82 million two weeks ago…i’ve decided that you really DO HAVE to be in it to win it and as the slogan goes it really ‘COULD BE YOU.’ Gimme. Gimme. *Wiggle-Giggle-Go on telly and only do your hair for the whole programme.* 🙂

But yes, the point is that I tinkering around throwing things into my basket. I hate grocery shopping so I try to do it as quickly as possible. Got to the cashier…had a lot of people glaring at me because i’ve just had a baby and their not used to seeing me without a bump. (I’ve weirdly lost pretty much all of my baby weight now. I just have a little bit to go now, which will involve a tone up. EAT salad. It works.)

Got to the part where you launch everything on the conveyor belt for them to scan and the cashier stops me, goes bright red, smiles and says playfully behind her hand. ‘I saw you on the telly last night,’ then giggles. It was like I had done something really naughty…so i loved it. It made me feel like I was back to the normal me for a second. (I’m not naughty now…well apart from this morning well i turned hormonal and Keiran had to rein me in and remind me to set an example when infront of our children. 🙂 )

So, after one lady said something…everyone did…and before you know it, and after she scanned through my steak..I was a ‘hero’ and well that proves that you don’t have to do much on the telly, in fact all you have to do is pout, wear neon, and bronze ya boobs and everyone (if the show had 1.2 million viewers, regardless as to how much you were shown) will notice you. I’ve been famous this morning…and with spring onions in my hand. However, one lady did then say, ‘I went to bed, so i didn’t watch it , but did your toy go through.’ Oooh bad. Just s you know, there is a RANGE of toys and they’ve all been made and they are all selling right now in your local Ann Summers. It wasn’t meant to be a competition..that might’ve not come out in the show well enough. However, it did end up being, i guess. Lol.

But yeah, after this morning, i’m back to realizing that you can get through life with a simple *wiggle & a wink.* 🙂 #badhabit

Other than that and the fact that Keiran and i are going to win the Euromillions tonight and not spend any of it on you. 🙂 A card came through the post this morning…and upon the envelope was printed the words,

‘No peeking until Father’s day.’

Keiran says nothing about it, but then later…when he believes i’m not moody any more and i’m happy because the show got a zillion viewers…he said, ‘Ooh i got this card’ and showed me it…(it was still in it’s envelope, as he’ snot allowed to peek at it.)

Now any normal man would think, ‘aaah, it’s from my children,’ with it being Fathers day on Sunday and well with him having 2 kiddiwinkles. However, instead…he sees that the envelope is post marked ‘Guernsey’ and thinks ‘Oh god…who do i know i Guernsey??’

There he is thinking he may have mystery children that he never knew about, when he doesn’t know anyone in Guernsey,instead of remembering we have Ruby and Junior. I mean Junior is only just over a WEEK OLD. It’s not that long ago! Lol.

Luckily, we laughed it off and i threatened to kick him in the face if that would ever happen. (And by that, I mean if he forgot to mention past children before marrying me.)

Then we went back to ‘fairytale.’

Y’know although i wasn’t in it much, it’s always great to have been in a show that had the highest viewing rate for a Channel. 1.2 million. That’s insane. I haven’t gotten over it yet. I did want to be in it more though. (Now i need chocolate.) I say bring on Part 2 and Part 3 please.

Anyhow, life must go on and you can’t dwell on jiggery pokkery…and i do have a sex toy on the shelves of a massive high street store. We have one more show we’re waiting to air…it’s up and down and worrying, but still…it’ll be fine, everything happens the way it should AND we’ve just recently auditioned for another show, that we’re at producers for. Hopefully that will work in our favour as it sounds amazing. Confidence, determination and the will to never give up is what it takes today. i can have chocolate. However, as it’s the weekend…forget work…i’m going to enjoy Baby Ruby, Baby Junior and my gorgeous little family.

ADore you!


ps. News just in…It wasn’t actualy 1.2 million. It was actually 1.5 MILLION viewers. Holy Moly! Fantastic!



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