So shopping wasn’t too great today!! Pointless really, all i got, ( and strictly out of boredom,) was another hair dryer, a hair straightner, and probably a cold. Infact, i was so perky, before i went, yet on my way to Doncaster ( which is where i shopped,) i started to feel a bit down, a bit out of place, and a bit like i should be in LA! I get like this sometimes, bare with me!!

Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE Yorkshire, and i adore the lady that tries to sell me 6 oranges for £1, in the market place, the cups of tea, the people, the happy warmth in the air, the smiles, the pubs, everything!! Yet ever since i was 9 or 10, i’ve always known there was something more than Yorkshire, in store for me, and that place was Hollywood. I always said, ever since being, i think 10 yrs old, that i would move to Hollywood, and become a star!!! Yu can ask ANYONE i went to school with!! So when i was 21, ( made sure i was of US legal drinking age…lol,) I did, and it turned out to be the best thing i had ever done!!!

I guess, i just went down good old memory lane today, as everything around me reminded me, of being a child. It was funny!! I actually stood in the same spot, i stood in 15 years ago , where i had WISHED i would move to Hollywood, as a child. It made me fill up, and i have no idea why??? I certainly, had no idea, that i would end up getting my dream, let alone becoming part of the Hollywood scenery.

Work has been good to me here, and I’m so glad, i’ve managed to come back to England, for a few months, to revisit my past. I needed it, as Hollywood was starting to swallow me up. I feel as though in Yorkshire, i can just be a kid again, walk down the street without everyone staring at me, see my old friends and not have a million dudes ‘Holla’ at me on the street every 2 seconds!!! I have peace. Yet in good old ‘Chrissie Wunna’ style, peace begins to bore me, so I’m ready to get my arse back to the City of Angels!!! I’m excited!! ( which is funny as i actually, emailed someone today, telling them, i didn’t miss it at all…hahaha.) I think there’s just something about that town, a magic, a Va voom, and YES it is RIDICULOUS, but like i always say, it’s home to a very certain breed of people. I guess, the misfits of the world!! hahaha! And i am certainly one of them!!

Anyway, enough of the seriously stuff, as it’s making me feel depressed!!! lol! A dude tried to sell me a german salami,  a kangeroo burger, and a Russian doll, all at the same time today!!! He wouldn’t stop bugging me, so i ended up buying a kangeroo burger, for £3.00 and making my baby brother eat it!!

I need a beer… i guess since i have a hair straightner, i should straighten my hair???

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