Long Story Short…and a pampering



Good Morning my cheeky chimps of Saturday! Saturday mornings are always good because you wake up and realize it’s the weekend. It’s not as lazy as a church going Sunday, nor is it as busy as a rushy week day at work. It’s a good day overall and well all good days in Wunna land need to be celebrated. It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether you’re waking up to yor tiny baby daughter, kissing your hubby on his cheek, actually headed on your way to work, chilling out in your pyjamas, off to play a bit of sport or rolling the next loser or slaggamuffin out ya sheets, hoping that they’ll manage to get a taxi home quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚ (It reminds me of a time in Hollywood. My roommate and I had a giant apartment that everyone seemed to always be at. I had no idea why, but they loved it. Anyway, one weekend a whole bunch of girls had stayed over. We only knew half of them. A bunch of boys had stayed over too. Yet when we all went out, the chicks and there was about 5 of them, had all managed to pull Hollywood hotties. But everyone’s hot in Hollywood, so that’s not too difficult. Long story short, they all slept over and bonked their boy in question..the boys all so happened to be friends also, meaning they had all stayed over at one of their mates apartments. In the morning, when each boy woke up next to the girl of their choice for the evening, and asked where they wanted dropping off…every girl said, ‘131 Kings Rd.’

I had come home from the club because I was probably dating someone at the time. I can’t even remember? But I was never one to go to a boys house after a club night and bonk him….I’ve always been more of a ‘date’ girl. You don’t get ‘action’ that easily. You work for my love. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hence why i guess I can go ’21 proposals later’. *Wiggle-Giggle-Wink*

Anyway, one by one each girl was dropped off by their bonk boy and each bonk boy decided to kill a bit of time at my apartment for some reason? Each bonk boy had no idea that they had all been instructed to drive their girl home to the exact same place, so it was hilarious to see their faces, as they sort of dominoed into one another in our living room. Each boy, dropped their girl off, walked into the living room to kiss their cutie ‘bye-bye’…saw their guy mate sat on the sofa and in astonishment went ‘WTF!’ In the end there were around 10 people in the living room, tending to the ‘walk of shame’ and half of them all ‘what the fucking’ at one another.

I’m great at creating those moments by accident. They all looked far too hungover, bonked, under eyelined and awkward to me…so I left them to it and went to get brunch with one of my guy friends. Saturday and Sunday morning brunch is a ritual in Hollywood and probably because it’s always such hot glorious weather. It’s usually around 82 degrees at Brunch time, which is perfect toast and champagne weather. I’d actually do clubbing throughout the week (which is the normal way t do it in LA) and then chill during the weekend in the sun. I’d still get drinks, but it’d be more of a poolside bar thing, than anything, or a casual afternoon cocktail garden.

I don’t even know why I told you that story because it’s not even that interesting! But whatever, there you have it. Welcome to Wunna land. It’s good to keep it Hollywood dripped sometimes.

So, yesterday I finally managed to get my hair done. I ADORE having my hair tended to and simply because I’m completely shit at doing hair. I don’t have the patience for it, nor do i have the skills. My arms are rubbish at working at the best of times, they are only good at whacking things and being draped in jewellery. I had the hair dyed, cut and layered and welll hopefully now, I’ll be able to rock better volume. (Ah the trials and tribulations of my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Anyway, this was at 9.30am and before that we had an early morning nursery run, an early morning Barnsley run and then a quick dash into Ponty for my hair appointment. Keiran doesn’t enjoy running around for people. It annoys him, as he’d rather be the one people are running around for. It’s a concept I completely get and simply because I’m a being who thinks in the exact same manner. I’m not one for running around or after people. It frustrates me.

So, long story short, by the time it got to the hair appointment, he was already moody, tried and grumpy and was waiting in the car, dipped in exhaustion and with the complete delicious monk on..in the rain…and as I got pampered. He’d had stuff on his mind all night and all morning, meaning he was in his own little world of ‘hump’ and well it was very telling.

There I was having a colour whopped on my hair, in the yellow salon light of warmth, and in front of a giant mirror. I felt bad for Keiran having to wait in the car and I thought he needed to unwind a little, so I called my friend who owns the beauty salon above the hairdressers too see if she had any immediate clear spots in her schedule. She luckily did, so I went ahead and booked ‘The Hubs’ in for a surprise massage…so he didn’t have to wait.

Once all done and organized, I call him and with utter glee in my voice say ‘Hi Babe…so i’ve just booked you a massage upstairs at the beauty salon for right now, so park the car and head on up.’ I figured he’d be over the moon, as the thought of it all was genuine and loving. Plus, I think he’s a gent who has more people take from him than give to him. Not that he’s been an angel. Yet he’s certainly learnt the art of giving and friendship the hard way.

All he said when I delivered the news was a very glum ‘oh..’ That’s all I got after booking him a surprise massage. He even said that he didn’t want one at first, until I made him go. Finally he parked up and went to get his quick rub down. I had told said to my friend that he could have whatever he wanted and that once my hair was done I would come up and pay for the damage. Sorted!

Meanwhile, I was pampered and delighted upon. I love having my hair touched, stroked and groomed, so it was magical. Plus, i’d been feeling all rough and tumble instead of ‘va voomy’ due to pregnancy. It actually took a while and well Keiran ended up coming down to see me, still with a face like thunder, AFTER his massage, because he was bored of waiting for me upstairs. His massage had got done 20 minutes before my hair.

Luckily, my hair was about done, so I paid up and left, miserable hubby in tow and went to pull out cash for his massage. I even asked him if he felt any better and all he said was ‘not really. ‘ Lol. JESUS!

However, as the process of events always go, he did mention that he was starving, so after paying for his little back rub, I then took him to lunch. At lunch he perked up a little and probably because as i’ve always told you the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach…and blow jobs. ย Keiran can not remember the first time he bonked me, but he can remember the first time I gave him a blow job. Typical. I ordered and bought us a lunch galore and by that time and before the starters came out he had a smile on his face and was back to cuddle mode. He scooted up towards me on the pub sofa and snuggled me. He still had stressful bucket loads of drama on his mind, however now he wasn’t putting it before the actual goodness that was going on in his life. Sometimes when you’re stressed you become so in your own head and misted over with the negativity, that you forget to focus on what you DO HAVE going on and often right around you and that stuff is always wonderful.

Anyway, chicken wings, nachos, salmon pasta and Mexican burgers later…we were happy. Not sure what happened but we ended up going home and falling asleep on the sofa for 2 hours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pampering must have got the better of me because I’m so out of touch. It’s like exercising for me, getting my hair done. A bit of pamper goes a long long way. Saying that, i felt AMAZING afterward.

Soon it was time to get my gorgeous Baby Ruby. I adore my little bambino and I literally appreciate every given moment I have with her. Hence why I choose to spend my nights with her cuddling, then away from her hanging out with peoples.

She was as good as gold and we all dined on steak, veg and yumminess, Bed time got the better of her and I snuggled my little loin fruit to sleep. It was magical. I loved it. Once asleep, I cuddled up on the sofa with the now a bit more chipper hub, who wanted a lavender oil rub down….and watched ‘Forrest Gump.’

I explained to him that he had been hideous all day and that i had been lovely. He agreed and well it reminded me that I’m actually due for some Princess treatment now ans simply because all girls should be taken care for my men and not the other way around. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m having a Baby Ruby day today and he’s at golf. I love Baby Ruby days and even more so today as I’m going to miss her so much when I head off into the forest. She’s not going this time, as we’re going fro Keiran’s birthday. His wish was to have free time and I completely get that. Yet it doesn’t mean i’m not going to miss her terribly. Nonetheless, i’m looking forward to going on holiday. If anything HE needs it. It’s a place and the only place we go, to get away from it all. Can’t wait!







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