London today, Filming…twice

Morning my beautiful Kittens of delight! i’m up early and ready for a long day of work. I’m currently in pink fluffy pyjamas, having the days dresses lifted towards me for approval. I’ about to have my hair curled and then ever so luckily be armied by makeup brushes galore. I will eyelash myself, because i don’t let anyone that close to my balls of eyeage unless they’er hot and then alongside a cuppa tea and my 9 inch heels in a bag, (Preggos’ stumble in heels) i will totter (taxi) to Pontefract Monkhill station and train it down to London.

Today, i’m filming for ‘Sex Lessons.’ The last time i was there, i atte,pted to give a cucumber a blowy! ūüôā So i’m rather excited for today’s events. I’ve been told to wear the exact same dress…but i seem to have busted out of it. OOpsie! Luckily, i’m a wardrobe whore of a floozey and i have many a dress to adorn. Hope they don’t mind?

I’m going to get asked lots of delicious questions about¬†i don’t know what? They¬†will then be placed upon the telly, for all of you to worship! (I thank you very much.) I’m meant to be arriving at the studio for about 2.30pm, but the only train i could get that would mean not changing 3 hundred times…(my bump can’t handle it) would be one at 11.35am. So i’ll be arriving in London at approx. 1.46pm..hopefully before and then LEGGING it, McWaddle to Bow East London, to get my saucy banter on!

All that pokery finishes at 4pm. I thought i had a bit of a breather..but with a *wink* from the Gods, and a gently ask from a Jonathan in casting, i am then to tube it to West London, Totternham Court Road, to go do my 5 minute ‘Take Me out USA’ interview thing. I can arrive anytime after four. But i’m gonna once again leg-it-waddle (ugh-god, i’m tragic,) as fast as i can, so i can flaunt my cheeky charisma and cheap cheeriness all over the office,¬†in order to plonk my pretty bum bum, back on a train to Ponty, by 7.48pm! Woohoo!

Day done! (I’ll probably open mouthed sleep on the way back! I love the quietness of the Ponty train.)

Last night Loverboy took me out for a steak, because i’d been a rather good girl. I’m like a dog, when i’m good i get a steaky treat! Thank god it was served with peas, and not a side of man juice. That boy could *wink* and you’ll be pregnant. I’m telling ya! ¬†(Saying that i¬†adore¬†that fact that Loverboy¬†super fancies me still…even after ages long….which is 4 and a half months ūüôā ) Deliciously, Pete and I are¬†loving each other right now and i think i made him super happy yesterday. He looked and sounded on top of this merry¬†world. When we sat down at our chosen table yesterday at dinner, another couple, a bit geeky but cute, were sat next to us and they actually MOVED! Haha! Pete thought it was because he was on a first date and needed more privacy¬†, as it’s rather¬†embarassing to sit¬†at the table next to me, whilst ur whispering sweet *first date* nothings.¬†I thought it was because they didn’t like black people. ūüėČ

Anyway..back to the yabba yabba…I oddly think that Pete¬†thought, that i was ashamed of him…bless…he’s¬†hormonal and going through¬†my preggo symptoms.¬†I tell everyone everyday, how much i love my hero of romance. So yesterday, i changed my Facebook relationship status, (ooh the power of the status change.) Yep i whopped out a bit of ‘lurve’ and whole lot of declaration, then¬†smeared it with¬†a Wunna¬†‘ooh.’ Who knew something so small would make a ‘Handsome’ sooo happy? The smallest things, girls and boys! Super happy much! ¬†It made my day. I mean he went from nibbling gibblets upon the dark grey surface of rock bottom, to leprechaun leaping to Cloud 9 with a Disco ball. ¬†(His other nickname is apparently ‘Discobeat.’ Yet dating a boy who is being labelled ‘Disco’ scares me. It makes me think¬†my limelight is about to get stolen.)

So yeah, i’ve established that I¬†love making people happy! See i CAN be a do-gooder! Yipppeee!!! It gives you that warm fuzz, that you only get mid-feel up. *Wink.* I guess love is the biggest thing you can give someone, but more in this case the open declaration of it! And well…we all love a bit of that!

So feel free to Facebook add him, (Peter Wattis) since he refuses to get a Twitter…(like ewww) and wish him and our *future bundle* a whole lot of love. He apparently doesn’t want anyone to look at his pictures, until he’s shot? Lol. Diva much! But we are shooting together shortly! Hurrah!

Anyway, i’ve got to go, i’m running late. I love you all. if you see me around London…please DO (carry my bags.) ūüôā


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