London Date Night Part Deux

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Okay, so we checked out of ‘The Grosvenor,’ hotel….after a really posh ‘all you can eat’ breakfast. (It was lovely. I enjoy waking up to a posh, ‘all you can eat’ because it’s like a regular chow down, but in luxury.)

Anyway because we both passed out the evening before and our hotel cocktail bar was closed because it was too early for ‘drinking times,’ we decided to make sure we SAW and ENJOYED London some more, before we ventured home! The problem is, that Ben and I always end up waking up early on hotel nights and we never know what to do with ourselves, as it’s ‘before everything opens’ time….However, London is good for this…

….straight away, we hopped in a taxi to Leicester Square, really early…and tried to find fun…with our luggage.

Now, I kinda know London well…I’ve done it lots. Yet it seems that I only know it at night, so knowing where to go in the morning for cocktails seemed pretty ‘difficile.’

This is where Ben rocks. He is the ultimate navigator. We could be lost in the wilderness, and that boy will find us a cocktail bar…Easy McPeasy.

We started off at Browns, and did these champagne morning, cocktails…snacked on far too crunchy home made pork scratchings….and some kind of vanilla salted fries…and then we GOT ON IT.

Ben finds some app on his phone because Browns wasn’t impressing him and BOOM…the mission had begun.

Honestly, on that day, we literally ventured to 9 different cocktail bars. All of different genres. All of different moods. All completely amazing! We walked the entire thing and literally found our way, via Ben’s little cocktail app…and we must have travelled all the way around London, by foot. taxi and through the busy London streets…(Well sort of all the way round London, we kinda stayed Central and West, did Covent garden and Piccadilly etc…) and JESUS, we had the TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!

It started to rain and we had luggage. Always a shite combination. We couldn’t find The Covent Garden Club, so we ended up at Scarlet’s bar (a sneaky little bar on the corner of a busy intersection,) and OMG, WE HAD THE SINGLE MOST BEST RUM PUNCHES, IN THE WORLD EVER. So good that Ben pictured the recipe…and we had a fuck it Pina Colada for ‘cheers’ sake. It was gorgeous!

But yes, a dinky little bar, with the best cocktails EVER!

The next bar we went too. Cafe Pacifico! This was right next to the Louis Spence ‘Pineapple Studios’ and very, very Mexican.

I adore anything Mexican. (I was a ‘Martinez’ during one part of my life.) And oh my GOD, the atmosphere was amazing. It had a warm, wild, Mexican feel and smell to it and the air was filled with fun and excitement. The staff were amazing. The food and drinks were top notch! The ambiance is what made the entire time amazing!! It was our favourite place. Not only did we do loads of cocktails….but we enjoyed little bar snacks…jalapeno poppers, onion rings..and all sorts. It was just super Mexican and completely and utterly authentic.  Plus, a table of American dude loved my booty…meaning i was a score. Hurrah! Next stop!


We tried to go to Balthazar, but it was far too busy. So, the next mission was to jump in a cab, and find fun, cocktails and life. Rum Kitchen, on Carnaby street was on the agenda, but again on a Saturday, it’s rammed. So we found a little cocktail bar right next to it, and went in it basically to kill time.

We found out that it was Whyte and Brown…and well it was more trendy, chilled and white walled. But the cocktail waiters work really hard. My drink was too strong, so Ben downed it…(we did Old Fashioned and some really strong mojito thing.) but it was awesome. We were in London and loving it. It was just a little tame for us. Yet still, good times!

We actually didn’t know where to go from here, but we really needed drinks…so Ben walked us down little streets and we found ‘Graphic.’ This was such an amazing find!

They literally had the best themed cocktails ever! It’s sort of a graffiti themed cocktail bar. But not cheesy. Really well delivered. Again small..but so cool, and we had two ‘ships that sailed in.’ (Below)

Then I found these awesome themed cocktails, where in which you could ONLY order ‘red, green, blue or yellow’ and they came as tins of PAINT! AMAZING!!! Look!

Obviously we got ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ (incase you’re colour blind) and they were the tastiest drinks ever. Plus, the customer service was grand. The staff were chatty and well were talking to Ben about Yorkshire. (He likes all that! Lol.)

After that, we were pissed.

We got in a cab and fully intended on carrying on until 9pm. But after it began to turn dark and the streets got busy, and the taxi driver was having to weave in and out of people on cobbled streets, our inner ‘Yorkshire’ kicked in…and we went straight to Kings Cross, saw a train back home, that was actually boarding in that minute and raced on it.

We kept it bouji though, as London had shattered us. We couldn’t take the stress of economy, so as soon as heard ‘upgrade to First class’ on the train speaker thing…we were off and chilling in ‘First.’

Two more mini bottle of prosecco. Then we were on our way home!

Got to Doncaster….did some knitting, had a bomb scare, got naked, fed apes…(sorry Dodge just wanted me to ‘had fiction’) …none of that happened.

Got to Doncaster….and as soon as we got off the train the air smelt as fresh as can be. HONESTLY! The Yorkshire air is more divine than you think.

Home. Bed.


(Can you tell that i’ve blogged all afternoon firstly at The Broken Bridge and The Carleton, whilst Ben and Dodge have been sat around me being distracting!)

See ya! Love ya!




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