London Date Night Part 1


So! Ben and I are back safely on Northern soil, after the most AMAZING time, with the most AMAZING memories and well the most AMAZING ‘Date Night’ experience EVER… in London.

We kinda only planned it a day and a half before. However, I’m just the kinda kitten who believes that life and love is all about living, so if you’re in a position to do so…and EVERYONE IS….you must, must throw skin to win and ENJOY.

If you’re in love…Date Night’s are a MUST. I’m currently madly in love…so to London we ventured.

Like, I told you, Ben had never really been to London and done it properly. so it meant so much to me, to see him so happy and well to share such a  big experience with him. It was the first time he ‘did’ London, the first time he ever travelled in a black cab, the first time he had ever had room service, the first time he had been on a ‘train that went that fast,’ the first time he travelled First Class…and the first time he did it all with ME.

Now, i’ve been to London a gzillion times, I used to even live there, but nothing is as special, than doing it THIS time, on ‘date night’ with him. We were treated so wonderfully. We cocktailed like the world was our oyster…we lived, we loved and we made it our own.

We caught the train from Doncaster at 9.47am. We’d already had breakfast and a wine by then and tottered onto the train, where we drank Prosecco out of plastic cups, red wine out of chipped cups and Stella that ‘he didn’t want.’ (I upgraded us to Prosecco, simply because of our first drinks were shit. Plus, it was hilarious, simply because I had to WALK down the entire train to retrieve Prosecco. Not only DID I FALL. But on the way, I must have bashed every single human on the head, with my bag full of mini booze, of course by accident and in diamante heels. 🙂 ) I was a really annoying train buddy. But I was filled with excitement and love. It was worth every second of my Tom Foolery.


We arrived in London quickly and well just like that, we literally stepped off the train and went straight to one of my favourite ‘first stops.’ The Great Northern Hotel’s cocktail bar. 🙂


I completely adore the GNH bar and so did Ben. It was a wonderful great first stop off, to kick us into ‘Date Night’ and fair enough Ben was rubbish at picking the right cocktail…but on the whole, the experience was amazing. Such a glam spot. Such great service. A perfect place for us to have begun.


Time sort of flew, even though we knew we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3pm. We laughed, loved, Tweeted and got our hot arses into a cab across town, to get to our hotel of choice…which was The Grosvenor…the one by Buckingham Palace.

The were excited to see us…

..they checked us in early, they gave us an executive suite upgrade,  they treated us like royalty and we loved every single moment of it. Such a beautiful hotel, filled with elegance, class and decadence. Again, the service couldn’t have been better. Plus, the food and cocktails were nothing short of divine. (It was a great place to fall in love with Ben over, and over again and it was worth every single moment, penny and cocktail. 🙂 )

Our room was gorgeous. The bed was so comfy. We beamed with delight, simply because we couldn’t have been more in love and we were away from the dull normality of Pontefract. It felt like we were on holiday…and it meant the world to us. We get along so well and can have the best time ever regardless. But it was extra special and felt really romantic…so yeah, we celebrated by hitting the Reunion Bar, in the hotel (which was the height of Glamour) and we sipped Champagne cocktails, as Ben pissed himself at how posh he was being.


We drank loads, headed to our suite, chilled out in the room, were so happy to be given little sweetie treats, wine, biscuits and a note greeting us both warmly…

then we ordered room service,


…got showered… (no pictures for you 😉 )

I actually got bathed, as Ben got showered right next to me…I *heart* bathrooms that you can both use at the same time…and after dolling up, a little bit of a ‘belly full’ boy nap… (lightweight alert)

and lots more booze (Ben looked so HOT in his shirt…i looked weirdly conservative, to say that I can turn anything ‘Playboy,’)


..then we went back down to the bar for more cocktails..this is AFTER CHAMPAGNE to the room and whilst sat there, we talked about our love, our future, marriage (I KNOW)  and home life.

Then we taxi’ed to Notting Hill, to dine at West Thirty Six, which is my good friend ‘Big Brother Rex’s’  NEW restaurant.

West Thirty Six is AMAZING and i’m not just saying it because it’s Rex’s place. I mean, yeah he came over and greeted us, chatted to us and spoilt us to bubbles, after I yelled ‘WE’RE HERE’ over a counter at him. BUT OMG, we ordered the ribs by recommendation and a rare steak. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST RIBS AND STEAK WE HAD EVER HAD IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES! And we’ve eaten EVERYWHERE now, to the point where Ben is a food and cocktail snob. 🙂

Rex showed us around the entire place after our GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS meal and it’s massive. Very trendy, but cosy. Sooo many floors, all different feels to each section, be you a private diner, an outside terrace kinda couple, or cigar lounge type, or an open fire ‘toolshed’ kinda girl.

Amazing place! The food divine. The service again wonderful.

We got a taxi back to the hotel at around 9.30pm. (I saw Caprice, walk by whilst waiting) but because our bellies were full to the brim, with fine dining…and we intended on spending the entire evening cocktailing… when we got back to our suite…I sort of laid down on t bed, fully clothed…Ben laid down next to me..and well by 10pm, I fell asleep! HAHAHA. I didn’t even put out! HAHA. I was far too comfy and far to ‘belly full’ content.

I remember Ben trying to wake me up every so often. But they were all just little blurs. I remember him laying next to me? Waking me up because he might of wanted sexytime. Waking me up to make me go downstairs to the cocktail bar and waking me up because ‘how do you work this coffee machine.’ 🙂

I was out. Fast asleep. Fully dressed.

He watched a bit of telly, then tucked himself in next to me…

We fell slept like babies that night, under the London night stars, on our third ‘date night’ in our Grosvenor suite…

I couldn’t have been happier.




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