Lockdown 3, Life & Cupid…

Well done! You’re surviving Lockdown 3, in one absolute alright piece! You’re a champ! I love you and things are gonna get better! There’s good days, bad days and well if your day has been anything like mine…there’s those fucking boring days, where time could not drag any slower & yet you can’t seem to find your ‘comfy’ place.

I’m kinda being a bit of a twat because I’m actually lucky enough to be Lunchmating it on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ on Channel 4 throughout the WHOLE of ENTIRE lockdown. It’s the best daytime show on Earth to be part of (there’s a magic about it,) so I’m utterly grateful that 3 times a week I’m given the opportunity & joy to be able to leave lockdown life to work & entertain the masses via the fine art of television.

The thing is my work week is SO uplifting and filled with enjoyment that it flies by and you don’t really feel the ‘lockdown’ at all!

It’s like a ‘swirl’ and we all know I love a swirl. I get carried away in a swirl, be it in work or in romance. I live for the simple merry ‘swirl’ of life…the ‘feels.’ It excites me. I get carried away. I’m comfortable there.

Anyhow, when it comes to the weekend (when I return to the land of lockdown,) which is only a tiny stretch of actual days off… I’m still swirling on this magical adrenaline…this ‘high.’ Yet because time seems to stand so still and drag along, as slow as it can possibly drag….it’s hard to just chill and enjoy it, at first.

After a day of moaning, feeling sorry for myself and being hormonal, I managed to take some time to just relax and appreciate simplicity. Y’know be grateful for the small things that make me smile. It’s something that I always have in me, I’m the most thoughtful person, yet something that I have to be able to teach myself to go to when necessary. It’s in my ‘emotion toolbox.’ But I’ve got it now. I’m sorted!

‘Simplicity- Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.’ Leo Babauta.’

I’m still failing at stuff though, even though life seems ace. I’m drinking non-alcoholic red wine right now, which is absolute sacrilege to the life of any decent human being. Plus, I’ve managed to bosh out 2 ‘wiggly bum’ videos for my socials. There WAS 3…but TikTok (who hates me) got rid of one as a violation. Lol. TikTok narks me off when it does this…I’ve already had my first account permanently banned because chicks and exes kept reporting it. I haven’t even done anything naughty. I’m just drawn playfully, with little Asian eyes…

Dudes seem to like it…Well 83% of them anyway. That’s my insta ‘audience’ men/women ratio. Only 16% of it is made up of chicks.

Now, I’m someone who thinks you should stick to your strengths and not feel forced to change if you’re whole heartedly content and at 40…I am. So I cater to my audience because I’m grateful that they’re there. I’m grateful for their love. Plus I enjoy entertaining them.

I don’t know why that irritates some folk? If you don’t like something, you don’t HAVE to watch it? Haha. I mean don’t repeatedly step into Wunna land if it makes you feel shitty. Simples! It’s just a bit of fun. Find yours! Embrace it! Love it! Feel free! Have a laugh!

On the acting front, I’ve had two feature films and a series pushed back to ‘later in the year’ and April due to the Covid restrictions.

Like I said before, I feel really lucky to have ‘Packed Lunch’ to go to right now. It keeps me sane and happy. It gives me a chance to still entertain!

The good thing is that when the pandemic is over I have films and projects to look forward to, straight out of lockdown. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m feeling pretty confident. The career’s going alright. It’s the best it could be right now, so I’m happy! The future still looks bright and I’m excited for it! (But don’t worry if your future feels like it isn’t feeling as bright…because everyone in entertainment is in the same boat! It’s not just you. Everything will go back to normal soon.)

Love life wise, not much is going on. I was chatting to someone…they were the last person I spoke to in 2020 and the first voicenote I heard in 2021. I liked him. I still do. Yet, he’s kinda drifted away…Guys do that don’t they. They sort of drift and return at a later date, when they’re feeling a little more refreshed. Lol.

That happens to me all of the time & right now I’m alright with that because we’re in lockdown and we’ll it’s hard to date! You can’t even seen the heart of your desire, or touch them or smell them. Let alone lay on the sofa with them, whilst you drink wine and giggle. Let ALONE enjoy naughty moments. You can’t establish something properly, can you, until you get to do that!

I’m old school. I love romance. Getting use to cyber valentine vibes, is difficult.

I’m gonna have the worst Valentine’s Day aren’t I! Haha. Gosh! Here I am! 40. Single. Yet weirdly with an inbox full of dms, requesting love, sex and marriage, from various gents from all around the world. Well…some are gents…some are just horny.

I mean I must get asked out about 97 times a day. I ignore them all, then moan because I can never find true love. Haha.

I’m a proper love bunny, so i’m cautious. I have to trust that it’s gonna be okay, before I start catapulting myself into any more heartache. If I fall in love, I fall head over heels in love and well this time around… I just wanna make sure it’s right, they’re right and that it’s long term. I don’t wanna make a bad choice and look stupid again. I’ve learnt everything the hard way in love.

But hey ho! At least the careers going well! 😉

See you on Insta! You can ask me a question everyday on my story! @chrissiewunna

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