Living Doll

My work load is coming in and well i’ve pretty much spent the whole day being a ‘Living doll,’ and a sexy one at that! Today i had a 6 hr hour shoot, in the most beautiful of mansions (kinda like the Playboy Mansion) where i spent amazing moments of my life, being a glamour puss, pouting, getting out my boobies, letting my hair be gently blown by wind machines, letting diamonds hang from my ears and looking sexy in corners. I LOVED IT!! It’s one of the best shoots i’ve done. So sexy. So lush. Today i was Queen of Greatness. It kind of made me realise how much i truely love life and truely love glamour modelling. It’s so my thang. The pics came of deliciously. I’ll show you them when they’re ready. Perfect day. So lucky!!! I’m a living doll!!!

I spent the day dressed as a sexy bitch in black thongs, stockings and leopard print, oozing out of champagne glasses. I was also a cheeky, yet naughty maid in a parlour. I’ve been in a chinese corset, sprawling all over deep red carpets, surrounded by teak.  A fetish doll in a dungeon…a REAL one, that had a buckle down spanker machine thing in it, with saws and chains. I seductively draped on crumbly walls, did a work out shoot and finished off with a delicious cigar shoot. I had an evening gown sort off draped off me, whilst smoking a massive cigaro like a sexual slag. The pictures look AMAZING!! It was all elegant, chandeliers and DIVINE. I love OTT Glamour. It’s purrfect. I worked with probably one of the best teams EVER  and also had ham and pickle sandwiches for lunch. (I don’t ask for much!)

Then i had to rush off, after snatching my cheque (mmmmkay) jump on a train and get to my Burlesque class, which i actually thought was a fun way to end the day. (Even thought, i turned up 15mintues late.) It wasn’t as busy as i thought. But i’m learning the basics and finding it easy. I use to actually be a dancer when i was little, so i’m a niffty little mover. I’m also good at SEX, so the combination of the two is a HIT for The Wunna. I hope my Burlesque class gets better. I’m excited about it all. I luvre a bit of Burlesque.

Then i got on about 4 wrong trains home. I looked like Glamour puss Barbie, about to get anally raped at a stranded lonely train station…in four towns. I’m finally home…i got in at around 11pm. I have a LOT of work on and well my social life is suffering. (The thing that MADE me.) I haven’t been able to talk to my friends, call my lovers, feed my kittens…wink at strangers. I’m all speed ahead right now. But i’m happy. It’s better than scrubbing gussets and wishing for stardom. I’m living my dream….

51 thoughts on “Living Doll”

  1. Tom Fox- Is Fox your real last name??? If it is, we shall be wed. Yeah today was exceptionally ‘Oooh laa.’ OMG! I can’t believe it. This new found fame thing rocks! LOL

    Adam- I love you, now stop moaning

  2. Fox really is my last name. That’s awesome, right?
    So we “shall be wed.” ; )
    I love how famous you are. Everybody in my area thinks you are the sex.
    Which you are, so they aren’t wrong! haha.
    Who’d give Paris a second thought when you’ve got this sexy biatch!?

  3. Now i am seriously hardcore in love with you TOM. Firstly for being a sexy bitch of a beast of ‘ooh laa.’ Secondly for hating Peppa Pig. Thirdly for being at Waterstones when i was AND lastly for having the last name ‘FOX.’ I want to smear love all over you…forever goddamit!!! YOU are Beyond Sex!!!

    Adam- You can’t take away my hyphan

  4. Aha, I’m always willing to trash Peppa Pig for the sake of your love!
    I just saw you going up the Waterstones elevator, looking damn fine in those amazing fake ‘lashes. And I was like: “No it effing isn’t!” and then I got to the top of the stairs, and you were smiling away and then I knew it was you! 😀
    I’m loving this new “ooh laa” type speak. French people are some of the hottest in the world – besides you, naturally, so I’m willing to incorporate some of their language into my post, for the sake of a good time!
    “Fox” is really one hell of a sexual name. You must have it, my darling. It belongs to youu.

  5. Tom veut parler français dans cette site de web ? C’est très sexi ça !

    Chrissie, don’t hate on my common voice!! We all know that you were fantasting over me bitching down the phone at you!! It’s no secret!

  6. Then, officially I will become a “Hyphen Wunna.”
    And, I formally give you permission to become obsessed with me,
    but only if I get a taste of the Chrissie lifestyle, and am told where your devine “Hello Kitty” tee is actually from? =)

    Hell, even if you aren’t willing to bargain, just become obsessed with me anyway – I’m easy (wink wink!)

  7. Tom, I am now following you on Twitter!!

    Oh Chrissie, can we keep him?! Can we, can we, can weeeeee?!?! I’ll feed and water him – I promise!! You can take him walkies and stuff =D

  8. Adam, You may well have to make an exception. I really am “greatness,” – Chrissie has, infact, held me – she knows! Also hell, if you wanna call me “hot” then I’ll roll with that too ; )
    I’ll be sure to accept you on Twitter the second I log on!

    What kind of tasks will I have to endure with my new “husband” status?

  9. *screams* TOM JUST SPOKE TO ME!!! I’M GOING TO TELL EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAARGH OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I might have to make another video to get this attention back!
    And it’s my birthday on Friday!
    All eyes on me pls!

  11. fidting for your attention ha ha ha no i will stay the uneducated chav coming up everyknow and again and knocking u bandi i wont be able to blog u this wekend as i will be getting out of me canister in beefa

  12. Danyal, I’m still on a high from my Vegas Birthday sweetie…

    If you’re EXTREMELY lucky – you can have an hour this friday… between 7pm-8pm I’ll attempt to be nice…

  13. Hahaha…oh lord.

    DANYAL- You share your birthday, with a Slaggy male friend of mine!! You will be praised on that merry day…however, lets not get too excited…IT’S NOT UR BIRTHDAY YET.

    And oh shit yeah i forgot you BULLIED me.

  14. Chrissie – I did not BULLY you.
    Anyways you loved it.
    I love you lots too 🙂
    Tell your slaggy male friend happy birthday from Wunna’s wunnaful teenage rioter.

    Adam – Vegas, that’s the life.
    I wish I was there.
    Alas, I’m in stinkin’ Wales.
    Although I will probably be spending the majority of my birthday on the beach, drinking alcohol and eating BBQ’d food!

  15. na i didnt see the ti show i went ot the ppol partys in the days and got burn and went spearmints then pure and tao and places like that and the bar and bookies in mgm sold stella on tap

  16. Adam – Sheep aren’t really my thing =P

    Chrissie – I’ll be seventeen. Did you know, you’re allowed to drink from the age of FIVE in your own home if an adult/parent aged 18 or over buys it for you? (UK Law) Mad that isn’t it?

    And we’re in Wales because we have a caravan up here. Very gypsy like, I know. The internet is dreadfully slow! Been up here since last Saturday.


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