Liverpool Tonight

Morning my sexy pieces of shag! I’m currently in a rather large rush. I’m on my way to get my hair extented, and then shortly after I will be training it to Liverpool for a night of ‘Oooh’ to the ‘laaaa.’

I’m feeling frisky, Kitten like, filled with Joie de vivre. I’m Va Voomy, feeling flirty and like this chicky chicken needs a little ‘tickle me pink.’ (I have no idea what i’m talking about.)

HOWEVER, in the wonderful world of Wunna, you have days off where you are forced to work. Lol. Therefore before i get my hair did, i will be travelling to Barnsley, (waving & smiling) for a wee bit. Then galloping to some other venue, for MORE (waving and smiling.) I will end up in Doncaster, where i will Kitty strut to the bank…then go to Talking Heads to get my hair did. (Mmmm….kay gurrrl!)

I won’t be blogging for the rest of the day, yet i WILL be Tweeting my whereabouts! When i get to Liverpool, i will be pampering at the Marriott, in the City Centre, after not being able to book Malmaison, and well hopefully, i’ll have a good night. (Meeting a boy…I know you all hate that…haha…however, just know, in Wunnaland, nothing ever goes too smoothly.) Get ready for a bumpy ride.  x

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