Liverpool Fashion Fest with the Hubbster…

OMG, I cannot even begin to tell you how knackered we are in Wunna Land. If anyone was tango-ing a work schedule, it would be us! I’ll tell you about the Doctor rummaging about my bits, with her ‘mind of it’s own’ lamp another time, simply because it now feels so ages ago for me. You have my sincerest apologies for not being able to blog everything for a wee while, but really i’ve never felt so busy busy. Right now, i’m exhausted, still working and in need of an early night, after dinner at The Castle for much needed ‘Hubby time’ and simply because we have a 5am wake up call, to be on a train at 6.54am, on route to Manchester. This kitten is fucking knackered. Who said being a ‘look at me’ with a soon to be ‘look at me’ family was eays. We are busy and fricking in need of a nap, followed by a dollop of chill time. (Keiran told me I was his ‘rock’ today. I’m in love and well we really are trying hard to make life worth our while for both of our pretty selves and our kiddies.)

Okay, so woke up Thursday morning, after a big Wednesday night argument. Can’t even remember what we were arguing about, but it was enough for a bit of silent treatment, bag packing and a big ‘I’m not coming with you tomorrow.’  We laid in bed, sorting things out and moaning all night, knowing that we had to be up at 6am for a journey that would change everything. 6am came. Keiran rolled over, after the alarm harped ( he has a harp alarm) and asked me if i was going with him? I said ‘NO.’ Then my good nature got the better of me and by 6.15 we were both getting ready, grooming, packing and calling a taxi to pick us up and get us on a Wakefield Westgate train to Liverpool at 7am. Knackered already. It was snowy outside.

Incase you didn’t know, Keiran booked a fashion show at Liverpool Fashion fest. It was his first ever modelling gig and he was to catwalk strut his way to stardom for a little bit of ‘love being a model now.’ The journey was long, we were tired, but we were in love. I was sooo glad i decided to go along, because things are only ever good, when shared with other people. It was an adventure and there we were chugging up to Liverpool. Aintree to be exact for a bit of catwalk love. I went to support him because firstly he’s my hubby, and secondly i was deep down excited to watch his first show.

Got ther early in the rain, with nothing but each other. Watched fashion models get groomed, get their hair did and fitted for hours and hours on end. (There’s a lot of waiting around and well Fashion girls, seem to take ages getting ready? It’s nothing like a Glamour model shindig.) I was ill, with my grotty bowels, therefore on every pill imaginable and starving. Keiran was nothing but lovely. Nervous. Yet the most adorable doting hubby to be. I was there for him, it was his moment. There were updo’s, hairspray and madness..and then us sat in a corner making work calls, emaling off interviews, talking to a photographer and well my ‘handsome’ was learning his lines, for a filmed sunday audition. We were scheduling and then rechseduling, trying to fit everything in. I don’t know why, but it’ sgoen mental for us over the last couple days. We’re trying to fit everything in, all out auditions, meetings, his catwalk stuff, in with travel time, being parents and day jobs. We are champion reschedulers…even though he almost nearly didn’t do his catwalk due to not being able to fir it in! Thank GOD he did. I mean, we nearly had to leave due to poor timing and we didn’t want to because being noticed, making a professional impression, wanting to do something and ‘press might’ meant to much for us.

5 hours later, he got his hari and face done, learnt his lines, I chatted to some of the girls who knew me off the telly, BBmed George sampson ( i love our chats) and talked boob jobs with models. I emailed away, did a phone interview, sat away in a corner on pain killers and he got fitted in brand clothing, for his *strut.* Keiran’s quite a popular boy, especially when he takes his top off, therefore it’s not easy having him being placed around beautiful half naked girls for hours on end, who might want a piece. 🙂 I mean, we’ve just had blow job ‘hubby/wifey’ time in order to remind him that i’m his forever. Now he’s passed out by a undrunk green team, whilst i do a blog and an email interview. We have such an early start. 5am wake up call. Ffs.

Anyway, it was all worth it. By 8pm i got walked into Liverpool Fashion Fest, by Laura to watch the show with a wine. I buzzed my way through it. I’m a kitty cat who adores a bit of a show, even though i felt csurbbery, in compared to all the very made up scouse girls. I got hit on a bit. Got offered a free weave. George was still BBming me and then finally the baby had his turn to strut.

OMG. You would not even believe it. If there was anything like ‘stealing the show’ MY Keiran did it. Holy shit. We all love a bit of boy anyway, so there was mild cheering. Yet as soon as my bit of baby stud muffin, swing from behind the bleachers and onto the catwalk the WOMEN WENT WILD. OMG i cannot even describe it. They went insane. I mean they pretty much jizzed all over each other and tripped over pregnancy tests, when he came on. They could even hold their knickers up. There was cheering, screaming and he walked. I stood at the back and watched the crowd go wild for him. I mean, i don’t really find it un-nerving. I lvoe that he walked well and that the ladies loved him. I loved him. I looked at him up there under the lights, infront of a crowd of ultimate madness, on his first catwalk show ever and thought, ‘OMG that’s my husband.’ I never felt prouder. I LOVED IT and i LOVED that i was there for him. (Even though i couldn’t work machinary. He told me to film it on an ipad. I couldn’t figure it out, without him looking like a zombie to save my life.

My hubby stole the show and will walk on ‘press night’ with a fanclub. I mean the guy who owned the brand wanted him to shoot for the clothing line. He’ll probably get booked for London Fashion Week. OMG! How things can change.

But yeah, after wine, redbull, vodka and surreal experiences…we then turned back into pumpkins. The madness had ended and well we had an 8 hour journey home due to dodgey train times. We ended up having to Plan B it and take a coach home, that would leave at 2.15am, therefore had hours to kill, with our new friend who makes American woman mad, who was armed with a spicy ethnic kebab. (I love that Keiran has managed to find his ‘inner ethnic.’ he came down a spciy kebab now. 🙂 Now more ‘white boy-more salad please’ for him!!)

Bottom line, we found ourselve,s after him being the PEAK of Liverpool Fashion fest, having to be homeless people, and kill time, at Liverpool bus station for 4 hours!! We were knackered, talking shit, moaning, but madly in love. We were in it together, but totally on work mode. Like I said, we need more ‘us’ time. Due to our current schedules, it’s like we’re jogging next to each other, but not holding hands, with love eyes.

There we were having to kip at a random bus station for 4 hours, until our coach finally came, which ended up being some random blue lit, bouji, pimp-porn bus..that is horrific for a long 3 more hours journey on no sleep. We were freezing and cold and got into Leeds at around 6am. We had spent the day making the world work for us. However at this time the world just didn’t want to work.

Booked a taxi, in the cold. It didn’t come for ages. We got tunred down my taxis who hated us and then finally 20 minutes later, we  managed to get into the slowest taxi ever, who drove us back to Ackworth in poor record time. Keiran was wvil to him all the way. I was cold, needed to puke and couldn’t relax.

We got in at 7.15 am this morning after work. He had about an hours sleep, got suited up and went to his day job. One minute we were naked spooning, the next he was in a suit kissing me bye bye.

We’ve had a loong day. I had a fight with specsavers. He day jobbed and line learnt. I spoke to a journalist, booked more train tickets and hotel rooms and we both then went with ‘fuck it’ and got a much need chillax dinner and booze with each other for a little bit of peace. (It’s hard for everyone to understand what our schedule is like right now. We can’t rest until Tuesday!)

He’s now asleep. We have a 6.54am train to Manchester in the morning. All day auditioning and then have to fit in a quick groom. He has a night of line learning for a following early morning sunday audition, in Leeds from Wakefield. THEn we have to trak back up to Liverpool immediately, so he can do his catwalk ‘press night’ show. We stay over, after finishing at 11pm in a hotel and then early mornign we’re on a train to London to do a feature and photoshoot with each other for More Magazine. (One of my favourite magazines.) We then get home late and enjoy Valentines day, which we will celebrate with fucking rest!

Busy! Busy! Roll on Tuesday. We’re lucky people right now, but very tired lucky people. Bed soon. Talk to you later. ( I  still have an email interview to complete.) We’re on autopilot, but will one day remember these days and smile. (Loved blow job time tonight. Yet i soooo need cuddles.)

We’ll both be on Twitter, so follow us on there for moment to moment updates, as it’s hard for me to blog when i’m on the road.

@chrissiewunna  @KeiranRThompson

Love you… Will post pix when i can! Oh and I apologise now for the whorey picture. I couldn’ t get any others to upload. 🙂 But whatever, i love blasting you with my past.

 Thank you for following my life…

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