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I’ve literally just dropped a bit of parma ham down my cleavage. Any time you find salty, bacon, bits, down your ‘silicone valley’ you are officially disgusting. The best thing about it was that I picked it up and ate it. (Oh shut up, it was only boob meat for approx 3 seconds. I dropped it and picked it up from my boobs immediately before nibbling.) I was glamourous the whole way through it. Then I washed it down with a ginger beer like I was Captain Jack Sparrow and called it a day. All of this, as some lady was reading me my astrological chart for the next six months. I completely believe in the stars you were born under. The moment you were born…to me…is highly significant.

Anyway enough of that!! TIME HAS JUST SLIPPED THROUGH MY FINGERS TODAY. Where did it all go! I’ve been rushed off my feet, working my arse off…At first it took me some time to get into it, as I tried to commit to my business plan, but my eyes wouldn’t work, let alone my brain, so i decided to opt for ‘fuck it’ and instead drove to ‘shopping’ to buy a giant mirror and beef jerky to snack on.

Weirdly, it woke me up…or maybe it was the mocha…(that’s my favourite coffee by the way) and well i looked at the time, realized I had no time left and shit loads to do, so i had to totter as fast as i could to the land of productivity, get home and get started. I managed to also purchase a children’s giant wooden activity box en route. (One of those wooden boxes with the multi coloured wiggly wire things, that have blocks on them that you see in banks and doctors waiting rooms for kids. SEE! Even though i’m busy, i always remember the children. Ooooh the babies! I love them. And in fifteen minutes i have to go pick them up! Nursery run much. Ugh, i didn’t even give myself time to sort out their bedrooms. Maybe they can help me do it later, and I can make like i’m Mary Poppins, which is Ruby’s new favourite DVD. ‘Frozen’ is so yesterday.

Right, so as son as I got home, I whopped open my pink laptop and with all the will in th world got through my business plan questionnaire. It’s hard work. A lot harder then you think,. It takes forever and well I had 20 pages to get through, with all the right answers…and I was only on page 4.

I did it though. I fucking did it. I championed it. So yeah…it may have taken me hours, but i sat through it and did it all and i did it all because I knew today was the only day that I could get it done…before work and babies got in the way. So the guy in America, only needed the first 4 pages…now he has 20. I enjoy whacking the ball over to the other side of the business court. I did my part…now it’s your go. I am now knackered. But weirdly impressed with myself. He’ll find his part easy, as he does it every day and his brain works in that manner. Mine’s more creative.

Today i’ve noticed that even though i’m all fire, a ball of energy, ambition and that good old Sagittarius fun..there’s a definite streak to me that is very sensible and stable. Very, ‘get your money right’ and ‘do the right thing.’ Very grounded. I’m sort of like my own anchor, that reins in the fizz of the Sagittarius champagne bubbles. ( You can tell i’ve just had my astro chart done.) I’m a lot moree balanced than i ever thought. You know those giant tubes that with one twist, BANG, POPS…and all of a sudden a streamy mess of confetti sand streamers fly out madly. Well..I’m the bang, pop, streamer mess naturally, the creative. Yet the stable part of me, is the kid that sweeps it all up afterward and puts the mess in the bin. 🙂 I was never like that before. Now because of life, children and growing up..i’m super stable and i love it. But still fun. You’ve got to be fun. It’s weird because i’m a bit of everything, i love a good time, but i find extreme love for my creature comforts, home life and structure. I love coming home at the end of the night and having a family to adore. I love home life and it’s a shame that my love life isn’t always great because if i could wish for anything it would be for it to be right again, because my life right now is wonderful. It’s whole..and i’m a great catch. There’s a lot of love in Wunna land right now and it radiates from the children and I. I think that with the boys that I like i have immense ‘staying power’ and i wish that I the beings that i like or like, had immense staying power also. If i’m passionate about something, i’m in it forever and i love that about me. Life is going really well…when my life is going well…i sort of like to share it. I’m like that always…Yet i guess everything happens for a reason and timing is everything. (My boobs feel wibbly…i need to put a bra on.)

Okay, just a quicky. I need to go get the babies now and then pick my mum up from work. I promised Ruby that I would take her yo dinner tonight at Xscape. So we’ll see if she still fancies it.

Must trot. Love you all.

I’m back to work tomorrow.

Oh and you better all buy my lashes. I’ve worked my booty off on it.

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