Little Miss Weekend!

Well!!! I’m sat at home, after a great day at work, after loving my babies more than life, after a weekend of being ‘Little Miss Social,’ and after lots of vodka and Proseco, with great friends. I sort of had ‘new fun’ with ‘old friends’ and it really was Wunnaful. I got to be a ‘Kitten’

..and let’s just say it served me well! *Wiggle….wink!*

Saturday night, Katie and I did The Winter Seam. (If you’re from Pontefract or Castleford… you’ll know what that is. Lol) We met at 8.30pm, texted and chatted the entire way to out meet up, whilst in separate taxi’s and almost on the dot…we ventured for drinks and a ‘catch up.’

Right! Katie and I are both chicks who probably fancy ourselves as ‘Glamour Pusses.’ She looked divine I looked divine. We did vodka, sat down and had a good old, giggle, bitch and laugh at life. We literally sat down the entire time and TALKED and when you can do that with someone…it means that you get on more than you ever knew you did.

Oh my GOD, we talked, bitched and laughed about everything and everyone we jointly knew. It was a BLAST!

However, unfortunately for us, we’re both almost pissheads. When we drink…we drink and boy did we accidentally GET SMASHED. We got so drunk that I have singing videos that I can never show anybody, we can’t remember half of the night, I did a sick in the toilets upstairs and she fell into a taxi, before being carted off. 🙂

We got sooooooooo drunk that we lost each other whilst walking down a flight of stairs and tried to ‘Facetime’ each other, in the bar, madly…but pissed. Have you ever tried to do that? It doesn’t work. O mean, it got to the point where we were trying to send each other pictures of ‘things we were around.’ Again, when pissed…it doesn’t really work.

YET, we didn’t even stay out late? I mean, i’m sure we were in our taxi’s by 11pm or maybe midnight! So, we didn’t even stop out too late. In fact, we really did have a great night and a great ‘catch up.’ I fell asleep in my taxi home, which is always super dangerous and I sort of just arrived home, swung my front door open, strutted upstairs and fell into my bed and straight to sleep. STILL IN MY DRESS AND CLIP IN EXTENSIONS.

(This picture was before more vodka happened.)

WEIRDLY, I actually felt fine in the morning. I felt well rested, dandy and mildy fresh. (I mean, I won’t go that far.) Lt’s just say I didn’t have room spin, or didn’t feel pukey. I sauntered downstairs, in my leopard print jammies and cuddled my babies, who were having breaky with Grandma. (My mum had stayed over to look after them. Aww!)

Anyway, after that, I had to sort of get ready straight away, as I had planned this amazing, ‘couldn’t wait for’ luncheon with Hayley and Graham, at ‘Relish’ in Doncaster. I adore Doncaster, as it’s the town that birthed me and ‘Relish’ is always fun. It’s sort of like a wine/bar and restaurant. It’s great!

So, I got dolled up, curled my hair, tanned, did my face…(hid my rash..that had spread all over my face) and then jumped into my Mercedes to drive my pretty arse to Donny to meet them!


I mean, as I drove into the parking lot, I saw them both walking up and I even got all excited at that point, simply because they looked so happy…they looked so ‘together’ and they just looked so perfect. (And when I say ‘perfect’ and I mean that they looked like they had the kinda love that we all wished we could find. )

Now, I love Hayley and Graham because they both respect each other and love each other madly. They’re fun and polite, intelligent and drink. 🙂 Hayley’s  Glamour Puss (I completely get her and how she feels) and Graham just adores her, (i kept internally ‘awwin’g at how sweet he actually was.) I literally  couldn’t WAIT to see them…but OH MY GOD…AFTER ALL THIS TIME THAT I HAD KNOWN THEM, I DIDN’T AT ALL KNOW THAT ONE WAS A GEORDIE AND THE OTHER A SCOUSE!!! How did i even miss that??? How did i never actually know that!?!

So, yes, they have accents…and we did posh ale and proseco and we did proseco simply because Hayley pointed out that it was actually less calories than vodka, which I thought was good for you…;) (Calorie wise.)

WE talked, we laughed, we bantered and relived moments of our lives, together. Now, I secretly adore them both…well…it’s not really that secret. But not just because they’re ‘cute’…yet also because I’m greatly inspired by them. Haley’s gone through such a dramatic weight loss and Graham (who is  techy genius…I actually felt like  TOTAL TOOL, because I couldn’t figure out how to work the fucking ‘pay and display’ machine in the car park. I was literally stood there like a total PLANK, with hair, eyelashes and madness flying everywhere….even MONEY was flying out my handbag and onto the pavement!)

Anyway, i’m getting distracted. We learnt more about one another and i enjoyed that because we all got along seamlessly. It was so easy and it was lovely because i felt at ease, which sometimes can be hard for me as..well…i’m a being that gets judged quite a lot. 🙂 It’s always better to hang out with me and find out.

Lunch was great. I had the chicken fajita, Graham had a pizza., Hayley had the salmon. (I wanted to spy and see what she would eat, as she’s like a hardcore ‘Foodie Guru’ to me now. ) We toiletted together, gossipped, talked about live, friends, love and opionions…

…and then we talked BUSINESS!

Now, they’re BOTH very good at what they do and they’re BOTH very intelligent and I love that, as i’m someone who always feels so comforted around people who know what they’re doing. Good people, who know what they’re doing.

Talking business was fun and I hope to have them on board in full force with Wunna land! In fact, Graham actually did my ad for the ‘Screen Nation Awards’, right there at the dinner table, after ale.

There’s lots more to say about these two, but i’m gonna save it for a second.

We got the bill, we stayed and chatted. I gave them a ride home and then I sauntered up to their appartment to see their Baby Coco. (Who is  Chihuahua.)

Now, I’m not sure that ‘Coco’ liked having another Glamour puss on her territory at first, as she took one look at my sorry arse and growled at me, in horror. It was like she had to immediately go into ‘protect my owners’ mode, to safe guard them from the mess that is ‘Wunna.’ 🙂

Luckily, in the end and after a good sniff and two cups of caramel coffee, she forgave me for strutting on her ground, without her permission and warmed up to me, with love…which was good, because I actually adored her, yet i didn’t want her to feel stressed. Lol.

The evening ended up wonderfully and I drove home tired, but with a smile on my little face!

I’ve sort of been super dooper social, this weekend and because i had my first full weekend off in FIVE WEEKS. I kinda wanted to make the most of it and i did. Plus, it was great to sort of have new people placed in my path. All good people. All people who i’d hope to know closely,  for ages!

As soon as I got in, i rushed into my living room and swirled around with a giggling Baby Junior. (Ruby was at Pete’s.) We played, we cuddled and then Ruby finally joined us. We danced, we sang, we got into pyjamas and then with love, we chilled.

HOWEVER, I will say that I had never felt so fricking tired in my entire LIFE! I don’t know what hit me? I mean, it could’ve been the need for a sleep catch up, or as superstition would have it, someone could’ve been talking about me…I just don’t know? BUT I WAS BUSH WHACKED, KNACKERED…DONE!

I slept like a log and then out of nowhere my alarm decided to ‘ding, ding’ me up at 7am. I wasn’t ready to start Monday, just yet, but i did it anyway. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo knackered all day. But i’m glad that I did  bother to get up and get myself to work, as it was AMAZING.

I work with great people, who can just make a shitty day awesome. I had fun. We talked life, love, crows, holidays, diets, ham and leather jackets. We pretty much made fun of each other whenever we could, and the great thing about that, (when it’s done out of love) is that it keeps you alive!

I hope you’re well!

I’m having a vino and going to bed,

Much love to you.

Kisses x

Being super social is worth it, but knackering. 🙂 I think i might have a bit of rest next weekend, as I have it OFF again! Saying that, i’m feeling a FRIDAY NIGHT ‘hoo haa.’ So, if you fancying ‘hoo..haaring’ with me…you may. I’m meant to be going on a date on Friday night, with the Spanish, Skype, boy. But i don’t reckon it’s going to pan out that way, just yet. He seems a bit irresponsible. Lol. Don’t get me worng, we get on really well and I genuinely think he’s lovely. He’s fun and honest and there’s a sweetness to hime. Like we’d make really great friends. He’s definitely someone who i’d have a luagh with and be able to do a few drinks with now and again.

I guess, that I don’t feel as excited as I should and because my mind is just focused on other things right now. I’ve got a lot going on…and well the fun sort of needs to wait. Well…that kind of fun anyhow! HAHA.


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