Little Fanny Fun Pants

Wow! I feel like a million stiff dollars. I look good. I feel great and i’m bounding off rainbows, into magical pools of glittery madness. I’m loving my life more than ever right now and i’m happy as can be. (Sickening isn’t it!) I wish you were too, however it seems that the majority of people i’m crossing merry paths with are (let me put this politely and i’m not counting the perverts) mother fucking miserable! All smiles! You Sour faced chimps!

If more of you little Diamonds, concentrated on what you have in your life, thats actually GREATNESS and less about what you seem to always lack. Then you’d make my life better, as i wouldn’t have to always look at your miserable ugly mugs, hazing around my ‘good time.’ People love to meet me, or want to know how i ‘do’ this thing called Life so well. They think i have the ‘magic’ touch. And i’m really grateful for that, yet…you really don’t need me there, to have a ‘billy blast.’ You can do it all on your lonesome. Try it! Or don’t. (Work with me here.)

Look, I have an insatiable thirst for that what lies beyond and i’m willing to put myself on the line to quench that mega thirst. Infact i’m willing to put my arse on the line for a random comedic moment. (Or pretty much anything!) I’m willing to throw skin to the wind and LIVE carelessly! (But only when there’s cameras. Yes, I am that shallow. There’s no point in doing anything, unless it’s documented. Lol) Many people aren’t and take themselves way too seriously. (I wedgie those people!) Or many people try soooo hard to BE that, that  it makes me look at there sadness and sigh. I’m really starting to believe that being ‘FUN’ is actually a talent!!! (Ofcourse i am…I’m a dizzy loon.) Let me tell you, it’s something that magically bubbles out,  from the inside. It’s not something that can be painted. Feel it! Do it! BE it! (Now go away. I’m sick of ya!)

Chrissie Wunna x

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