Limelight, Work & Cold Air

Morning all! I’m the finest little bit of kitty cat this land has ever known. (That’s in case you forgot and that’s also in case i actually die from madly nuzzling this salted caramel mocha from Starbucks, equipped with whipped cream and magic..on top.) Diet’s been lobbed out the window for a second. Come November, if i’m not an inch thinner, I’ll only have myself to blame. See! I’m good like that. I can take the blame for my dangerous hips. 😉 *Shakira-Shakira!*

Great night last night, one where I felt things weren’t getting ‘back to normal’ yet moving forward to even better and I think that it goes to show that a bit of time, love, listening and work can make all the difference when it comes to… anything really. What’s meant to happen, certainly will. And yeah, if two hearts are meant to be together they will always find their way back. I said that before and I absolutely know it to be true. The saying that states that Life isn’t about necessarily striving for perfection, yet more about learning to dance in the rain, is looking for be the most positive outlook that one could have. It’s only then that good things happen and good things happen when you are completely comfortable, grateful and happy with where you currently are in life.

Ruby’s still a toilet training champions. Yesterday her further four wee’s bagged her a LED tree of light. Random I know, but it’s what she wanted. Lol. She also came home with hedgehog bread that she baked herself at nursery. Weirdly she ate it all and weirdly it didn’t actually taste that bad. (I expected it to be stamped with gluey fingerprints and rolled in glitter. But no…it’s was real life, wholegrain bread cake…made by her glorious little half Burmese hands. And in the shape of a hedgehog much! So proud.) This toilet training marlarky is getting a bit pricey now. It’s almost Christmas and at this rate, Rubes is going to end up with everything and an elf…before the big old ‘Eve’ and simply due to having toliet wees. It’s ace when you’re a baby. You get gifts for peeing and everything!

Junior is an EATING MACHINE. It is insane, how much my little ‘chubba’ needs in his system in order to whack on a Buddha smile, with a full belly. Now, he’s 4 and half months old and yesterday he devoured a whole bowl of creamy banana porridge, a yoghurt, a jar of cottage pie, four 9 ounce bottles and half a jar of lamb casserole. He wanted more through the night too!! Good job I didn’t breast feed him, or i’d be chained to a cot with a drained, floppy, boob out, saying the Lords prayer in exhaustion. He has his Father’s appetite and his teen years are already terrifying me, as both gents are going to eat me out of house and home, or even worse just EAT ME, out of pure hunger. If you don’t feed the men in my house, things get a little tense. 🙂 If in doubt throw cake at them.

Okay, so right now life is good. I’m waiting on a result. Unfortunately my result is in the hands of a fluey person, which means that I have to toe tap and be patient for a little while, until they get better. Once they are, I’ll be flourished with some news, be it good or bad. Yet i’m in a decent frame of mind right now, so I’m all for it being quite positive.

I’m also training for my ‘other’ thing that I have on Nov 2nd. It’s going well and I really hope that I do better than the best I can, as i’m sure it could be life changing. Again, i’m positive for it though, as i’m actually a lot better at it than people may think. So what this space folks!

Other than that, I’m currently addicted to Bitstrips. Have you had a go? It’s an app where you cartoon..well comic strip yourself and your life. I’m a fan of anything that displays or tells a bit of your life, especially when in comedic form. You devise the characters and Bitstrips comic strips life for you. Excellent. I love it. You should all have a go!

This was yesterday’s comic strip by Bitstrips!

I’m currently sat under some blowy air conditioning machine, or something? It’s horrific. I mean, who’s stupid idea was it to plonk on cool air, in THIS WEATHER. I need a warm rum and an exhilarating toga party to cook my toggles to ‘toasty.’ Not a gust of freezing cold air!! It must be the fatties in the office or the one’s going through menopause. 🙂 Maybe i’m part of a prank and i’m so up my own arse that I haven’t even noticed, as surely this can’t be serious. It’s freezing in here and I know bikini weather. THIS ISN’T IT! Turn the fricking AIR OFF!

So, I went to see a clairvoyant the other day and well I asked her about work. She told me that I shouldn’t be worried because something amazing was about to happen. She then asked me to pull a card and I pulled (in her own words) ‘The fame card.’ Apparently the next job I have shows me in the limelight and will change my life for the better. Be it normal or showbizzy, I’ll do well at it and well enough to gain recognition for my input. She also told me that things within my marriage looked pretty stable and good. I looked puzzled and asked her to tell me more? And she said, well it must be on the lines of stable because a bit further down the line, I see another pregnancy. (WHAT!!!!!) She told me that I should expect to fall pregnant AGAIN with Keiran’s second child. I quickly explained how this could all be wrong, as I have Ruby already and a newborn…which of course makes two…if she sees two. But no..she’s sees three and there’s apparently soon to be another one on the way. In her words ‘You” fall pregnant again, maybe as soon the end of  next year!’ DEEP BREATH HERE!

I always do say to you, that in life,  i’ve never known what’s going to happen to me, but i’ve always known that in the end it’s going to be something wonderful.

Air Kisses,

C x

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