Limbo Long Face

Feeling 50/50 today. I’m not ‘on top of the world’ get ya banners out. Yet I’m neither drowning in a case of  ‘Da blues.’ I’m in Limbo and i often believe ‘limbo’ is one of the worst things you can ever really encounter. I’m not a ‘middley’ kinda girl. So this state of ‘neither up nor down’ is proving to be a giant pain in my arse. It makes me feel like i’m merely ‘existing’ instead of ‘living.’ I’m really quite bored with myself. Poor little Me! (Hahaha! All sympathy is greatly appreciated! Yet only if you come armed with booze and a dirty male stripper.) Fyi/ i’ve only just woken up. Therefore all this talk could simply be the words of a tired, moody, drama queen. Plus, i’m upset because ‘Bruce-Lee’ keeps trying to have his wicked way with ‘Putulay.’ Yet i don’t have the heart to scorn him, as he’s just like his Mother. Scrambling on top of anything.(It’s kitten politics.)

I’ve been re-reading some of my blogs, ( i do that, to learn about myself) and i’ve noticed that i talk a lot about the ‘way back when’ past. I always say that when people ramble on and on and on and on about the ‘way back when’’s not because they haven’t ‘let go of it.’ Yet mostly because they have nothing going on in their ‘present.’ Which is tragically ME right now! I’m FUCKING BORED!! Yet, just to blow my own trumpet….I was actually right!  I should simply be all ‘Incredible hulk’  throw skin to the wind and joyously bitch kick my ‘limboey rut’ to the ends of the earth. OH Please Lord give me something to do!! Goddamit!

 The good thing is, i talked to Kat (my bitch friend) who i seemingly adore as of right now because we can take the piss out of most ‘subjects’ that people are quite terrified to approach…then laugh at each other. Humour at the expense of others (and ourselves…but mostly others) ROCKS!! Ooh…i’m a little happier now! It really was just a ‘i’m too tired, drama queen’ moment. I feel like a Mimosa.

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