Lil’ Miss Independant


So, right now, i’m feeling quite independent, meaning that even though i’ve been quite ‘mushy’ on my previous blogs, it doesn’t mean that i’ve lost my edge, my streak of feist or my ‘ooh laa.’ I’m still very much a girl, who knows what she wants, takes no nonsense and swirls ambition around like it’s a Hermes clutch. I’m not weak, i’m emotionally together and no matter what, or how i’m feeling, i’m always as positive as I can be.

I was at the pub for a couple this evening and it was really quite annoying because i’m naturally a good time girl, so when i feel as though no everyone is having a good time…i get bothered by it. It annoys me and it annoys me because life is so short and it’s important to appreciate the time or moments that you have with anyone really, right?

If anything it kinda made me realize how much i enjoy home life and family. I mean, i’m a really luck girl, who has the most amazing loin fruit ever, so it’s solidified ‘hibernation’ for me, as it sort of makes you wonder why (at times) for out and about, when you could be at home adoring your family or enjoying ‘you’ time.

Everything’s changing now so it fits my mode of happiness.

I’m watching, I’m observing and i’m adjusting appropriately.

In life it’s important to feel adored, respected and to have fun with it.

When you focus on things that are shitty, it makes you shitty, which is a complete and utter waste of good, valuable time.

I’m not that girl. I embrace everything with a warm heart and a happy soul. I’m not one to ever wish to waste time…or sell myself short.

I’m feeling stronger than ever…so i hope you are also.

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

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