Life, Work & Fairy Doors.


Today was ‘simples,’ great company, easy day, lovely time! When you can say that about any of your normal days, things in your life are looking up, as a lot of people are having it a great deal worse.

There was a moment where in which a being ‘toppled’ over today and I shouldn’t really *giggle,* yet my inner evil, can’t seem to help itself. (Don’t fret, I’m not that evil. I’m one to topple over and laugh. I mean for crying out loud, I once got run over outside a sushi house in LA and swanned off the accident scene, smiling, waving like i was some dodgy ‘Miss World’ and whilst telling the guy not to worry about it. He just looked so terrified, that I felt bad for him. At the time, i felt fine. ankle is messed up! LOL. STORY OF MY LIFE!!)

But you know what they say, where there’s blame, there’s a claim, yet who really can be bothered with all that, if no serious damage has occurred. I always find it weird how some people go to town on the smallest things just fro a bit of dough. Luckily, the being that ‘toppled’ is someone who I regard as hilariously amazing…and we share the same sense of humour. She could really hurt herself and still laugh it off with sarcasm..and i like that. If i snapped my ankle, i’d be fine. But if i toppled over and it messed up m weave, that i’d call the hair police and everyone would be fucked. 🙂 Yipppeeee!

Okay, I don’t have much to report today. Lots has gone on mid week and it has quite frankly, merrily stressed me out…in a comical fashion. I’ve been called in to see Ruby’s head mistress. That was embarrassing for me, because when you’re a former pupil of the school yourself, you still feel like a child, or a pupil, during moments of sort and less like a Mother. Lol. I was terrified. But it was fine, because as always, they were lovely. (Thanks Rubes! Hopefully, she’ll use her creative mind for good and not for evil even she’s older.  🙂 )

Anyway, other than that, I have two days off now! Hurrah! And i’ve ended my day by needing a wine (Ben’s out,) the children are about to get dropped off. However, instead, i’ve purchased a ‘FAIRYDOOR. One by The Irish Fairy Door company. Ruby is currently obsessed with the whole idea of inviting a fairy to come live in her house, so I rushed out to get her one, and i’ve set it up on the skirting board. (It’s very imaginative, cute and fun, but something tells me this fairy door is going to run my life, as the Fairy tells the child, via the internet, the things it needs to live a happy life! HAHAH. Lord help me! It better not need a tenner every two weeks! Lol.)

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I don’t really have much more to day right now, as i’m going to enjoy this little hour that I have to myself before mayhem arrives, occurs and gets busy.

Thank you for reading my blog. It’s doing really well right now and don’t fret, I’m filming Vlogs on my days off, starting from tomorrow! So be excited!

Everything is feeling really good. I just want January out the way. In case you messed up your Jan, like with everything you can palm it off as a ‘trial’ month and start your year in February. 🙂

Love you all.

Chrissie x



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