Life, New Pets & Intruders.

And just when you thought everything was going to be okay…you ‘wake up’ and realise that there are some heavily disturbed people in your world, who simply need to move on and away.

Today was meant to be a great. In fact it WAS a great day. It started out so beautifully with Ruby and I being filled with utter excitement because Junior was coming home after his ‘6 sleeps away,’ and we were surprising him with his new pet tortoise!!!!

Ruby really missed Junior this time around. She even refused to go away with her father today because she really wanted to be with ‘Ju.’ Pete (her Dad) understood completely. He respected her wishes. As long as she was happy. He was happy also!

(The Wunna Babies are really close. They’re REALLY close. We’re ALL really close. They’re each other’s light & I’m their rock. They’ve literally done everything together since day dot & I’m so proud of how stable & happy they are as a team. Especially after EVERYTHING we’ve been through as a family. Everything we’re going through now!)

Ruby and I shopped this afternoon to buy Junior ‘Welcome home’ treats, to go with his surprise pet. I could see in her eyes that she just wanted time to fly by, so she could see her brother. Yet she appreciated the little things everyone was doing for her, to make her smile.

Our favourite security guard called her ‘beautiful’ & assured her that it wouldn’t be too long before Junior was home.

Kenny at The Mallard, bought her a Capri Sun, which secretly filled her heart with joy…She’s just like I am. We both love thoughtfulness. She never shows it. She feels it. I’m also so grateful for everyone being so lovely to the babies.

We’d planned the whole surprise out! How we were gonna deliver it all to Junior. What we were gonna say? What we were gonna do? She was beaming!!

So as soon as we got home, there was drama. I could feel it in the air.

Junior rushed into our arms, as fast as he could!! He just held me and breathed. Something wasn’t right? He did this comforting ‘mmm’ noise repeatedly, until the drop off was complete. (I noticed that Junior didn’t even say good bye to Dad. He was ready for home. Something wasn’t right? Plus his Father has been in the house without consent?)

All Junior said whilst holding back tears was… ‘I wish I had a million more sleeps with you Mummy. I’m not gonna cry. I just want a million sleeps with you.’

Ruby: ‘Is he okay, Mum? He’s really missed me this time.’

Me: ‘He’s just relieved to be home Ru.’

He wouldn’t even let go of me. Something wasn’t right?

However, being one to notice, secretly worry, yet make everything happy & light as soon as possible…I got on with it.

We’d already picked up the tortoise. We had it hidden & we delivered the whole ‘shabam’ with excitement, love and that good old Wunna Land joy.

Junior was SO happy, he burst into tears, whilst laughing because he was filled with this overwhelming emotion. He didn’t even know what to do with himself!!! It was such a beautiful moment!!

He just couldn’t believe it!!!

It was just one of those ‘dream come true’ moments. I was even shocked at how overwhelmed he was. I filled up because he just looked SO happy.

I almost replayed it in slow motion. It was a mummy moment that I wanted save in my mind forever.

My mum, dad and brother were over and it was just so so perfect. It was just so…..’family.’ Every bit of it was exactly how life SHOULD be and we were all immersed in a moment that was simply about ‘ALL that mattered.’

Everything was perfect. Everything was just PERFECT. Then as I walked back into my home…I stopped, my head turned back and something was said….

Me: ‘What??????????????? He did what!!!!!?????!!!!! Who??????’


Within a second I was filled with this weird anxiety. I mean the thought that someone was in my home without consent…picturing things, was devastating. (That’s what happened!?!)

I felt creeped out. I felt threatened. It scared me. I felt like my privacy had been invaded…and after the beginning part of my year being filled with trust breaches, from people I should be able to trust. Y’know the Twitter hacking thing. The court stuff. The industry that I work in…

I don’t know why he did that? But I knew it wasn’t okay….and knew I didn’t feel okay about it.

I burst into tears.

I hate those moments.

I mean GOSH!! Surely, ! I don’t deserve this? I don’t want to feel creeped out. How long is this gonna go on for??? And most of all WHY??? What is WRONG with people? Why do they do this?

Then in that moment my mum watched me, comforted me and said…

‘Chrissie, he’s not all there. He’s nuts. You don’t have to stress.’

How did my day end up like this?

You can’t go into someone’s home without consent…. Everyone knows that.

The next few hours I spent adoring my babies, and being giddy over ‘Boris’ our brand new pet tortoise.

Junior: ‘Mummy, is this a story?’

Me: ‘Noooo, what do you mean?’

Junior: ‘I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s real. Like…I have a real life tortoise…It’s got to be a dream.’

Me: ‘Dreams come true little one.’

….and he beamed.

I don’t think it’s actually sunk in. I think he’s still in shock!!!

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