Life, Love and Blankets


It’s not even noon and i’ve already had my cleavage poked by a nursery nurse. 🙂 Fair enough, it was accidental and during the ‘handing over’ of Junior. But I stood there for a second, shouted, ‘That’s it! I’ve just got felt up. I’m suing EVERYONE!’ Then pissed myself laughing to the merry sound of the laughter of others. It’s usually only good when they’re laughing also, otherwise you just look like an idiot.

Junior slept in his brand new, equipped with teddy mobile, that plays Christmas carols, cot. Ruby enjoyed her brand new bed sheets, which are lime, pink, white and covered in roses. 🙂 Yesterday ended up being a day of purchasing for me. I went to the store to buy 2 salmon fillets. I came back with a cot, 200 nappies, bibs, 3 bags full of groceries, washing up powder…a potty trainer..three lots of new bed sheets….the works. I’m surprised i didn’t bring home a human accidentally in all the mayhem. Probably did and I just haven’t sorted him out the bag yet. It’s freezing today, so i’m gonna stop rambling. No-one can be arsed to listen to me in the cold. *Throws you a scarf.*

Okay, so last night Daddy came for cuddles and well Junior was as happy as can be. Ruby was already in bed. But when she woke she beamed with delight. Family is an important thing and well it felt really great to have a snuggle, a warm snuggle, under a yummy thick duvet, during a cold night with someone who you love, that loves you right back. In life we’re meant to be aspiring to build a lifetime with the person you choose to love and a lot of us, including myself, often don’t put in the effort that’s needed. However when you have children and when you’re a married little family, sticking together, loving, setting an example of what love and relationships stand for… matters. Nothing is better then a full family, with each and every one of you representing their post, loving, laughing and tackling life, as a team. If you have that opportunity in life, it’s so precious that you can’t really ever give up on it. The giving up NEVER makes it better. It just splits things down and stands for something that I personally don’t believe in. My parents have been together for 35 years and i’ve always felt loved and warm, when it’s come to my home life.

On the work front. Glad a lot of you have been inspired by yesterday’s blog. Lots of messages strutted through and well if anything I hope you all find your happy place. Try and be as productive as possible. Take each day at a time, but have a goal. Give everything a go and when given an opportunity, don’t be so foolish to turn it away. Especially if it’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around often or even to many other people.

On Nov 2nd, I’m gonna give something a go and I hope I do well at it. I’m superstitious so I can’t talk about it just yet. But i’ll tell you how it went afterwards. However, i’ve got this month to get my game on, get practicing and get good. I’m actually not as nervous as I usually am when it comes to the doing of  things. I’ve been trying a lot of different things and well i think in life you shouldn’t go against your natural flow of talent. If you’re sporty and excel at sports..then you should probably pursue sport and not an office job. If you are a natural entertainer, then you will always feel that there’s something missing in your life when you’re not in front of an audience. Maybe that’s why I blog? I love to entertain and hopefully one day i’ll get to the level of success that i want. Wait! I KNOW I WILL. (It’s really hard typing in these nails.)

Anyway, as I was pottering along yesterday, with boxes of knick knacks and everything in between, before a sunbed session and wink and this random guy stops me and says, ‘Is that an electric blanket?’ Now this was his lead up to a chat up line, as he was doing these weird eyes at me, that suggested unclean things. 🙁 I don’t like men who make up senarios to chat up up. I just like them to get straight to the point and say ‘You’re beautiful, I want to date you.’

Noticing his unclean looking eyes, I turned the box that I was carrying around, said, ‘No, way less sexy. I’m potty training.’

He laughed. His friends laughed and well he stated that he still wished to pursue the rest of his chat up. What chat up line begins with ‘is that an electric blanket???’

I walked off with my imaginary jumbo Gladiator finger and *dushed* upward to the beat of ‘Another one bites the dust.’

I can’ t think of anything more to say right now and my nails are pissing me off.

Meetings, meetings, meetings to get to, so i’ll be seeing you.


Check in later.


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