Life in ‘L’ Plates


Work complete! Legs relaxed. Cold, easing up. Life….GREAT!

Well…i’ve had an amazing day yet i’ve gotten home and been heavily inundated with ‘message galore’ by beings who are all over excited over some kind of new relationship status.

Just so you know, you don’t have to get your knickers in a twist, i’m still very single. Nothing’s happened, no new news…so you can all remain calm once more and make cocktails, tea, or bad mistakes. Whatever you fancy? 🙂 I’ve been single for quite a while now and it’s been going really well. I must be ‘the one.’ HAHA. It seems to be working out for me. YET, i am very open to being with ‘the man of my dreams’ all at the same time. It’s not really that odd? Is it?

Doing life is awesome and i wish more  people would just enjoy it a bit more. See sights, do things, love hard, live dandily. Embrace it instead of existing or contemplating what others think of their actions.

The best girls and guys (and this is my own opinion) wake up early, are dipped in ambition, get shit done, do what they adore, eat well, live well, strut with their head up, smile at other folk, do well, try hard, keep their priorities straight, your mind right and just flipping enjoy life, love and happiness.

The good thing about Summer is that it brings it out in people. You can see cheeky glints of ‘eye smile’ darting about town, when the sunshine’s out and blazing. The music gets louder. The skirts get shorter. The ‘gun shows’ pop out and life turns into a party..filled with love, family, friends and gin?

THEN..a random windy day will come and it all falls to pieces and everyone turns moaney again. HAHA. I mean, for Christ’s sake, cheer up. It’s not the end of the world. I was freezing too. But i’m here, i’m not queer and i’m all flipping good baby.

Life is about fun and loving the people you should be loving. You don’t have to have some kind of glitzy rule book, yet be at peace with yourself and your actions. The older you get, the more you take life less seriously, even though you’re doing so much better emotionally, financially and mentally that you were a decade ago. You just learn that no one truly has a clue and that just like that it can all be ‘pulled from under you’ and instead of moaning about all you never achieved, had or currently have, you just have to wing it and enjoy what is yours right now.

So try to be less of an asshole you were yesterday. Love, live and be merry. Try to achieve and make your dreams come true and make people smile. Wear too much eyeliner and always do it in heels.

Right, i’m off to get changed.


Wunna x

*Work. Done*




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