Lick my what?



I’m burnt out with work, so i’m having a very deliberate ‘Real Housewives of…’ break. It seems to be the only show that delights me right now, apart from any show that I am appearing on and well give me women spending their riches and squabbling in stilettos any day. There’s a sense of class to the Beverly Hills version and dollies I adore it. I promise you on on my route ot making millions…i’m just a slow mover and mildy distracted along my journey. 🙂

Okay, so today other than work, I finally received ONE GOOD NEWS phone call, Hurrah! I’ve been expecting more, but it’s not the end of the week yet! I also immediately received one bad email, after the ‘good news’ phone call. Yet, i’m not one to dwell on the bad and simply because it wasn’t really that bad and well there wasn’t much time in Wunna land to ponder any negativity. We had a midwife appointment to deal with.

Today, after a playful bit of banter Keiran and I finally got to hear our little baby boy of a bump’s heartbeat for the first time. We’ve only ever seen it beat, yet never ever managed to find the time to go to the midwife to literally hear it. Today…and after we found out that we are the exact same Blood time. (It excited us for some reason? We did ‘it’s like we’re meant to be’ faces at each other and well Keiran burst into a  random football chant)…but yes today we got to hear our little bumps heart go ‘beaty-bump-bump.’ For any mum that moment is a giant relief. I knew all was well…but just hearing that all is well makes all the difference when it comes to heartbeat listening. (I’ve actually just tottered downstairs to wait for the arrival of Ruby, and whilst sat on Keiran’s knee, complaining that he had made me a ‘chunk-wunka,’ he said, ‘isn’t it amazing that a woman can have an entire heartbeat, thumping away inside her and I, as a man, will never ever be able to have that. Imagine the women who have twins or triplets. They have 2 or 3 heartbeats going off inside them.’ Twins? Triplets! I want my body back after this *push-push* sunshine.

Life is busy, but life is good. I’ve delighted in a steak lunch and now wallowing in cups of tea. I have a press launch, next week, so i’m excited for that…but have nothing to wear. I’m going to look all preggo regardless, so making the effort will be comedic at least.

I heard fluey Keiran, trumping and singing the words, ‘Damn, she’s a sexy bitch’ all at the same time today,whilst he was working in the office. I had an ‘aww-i love you’ moment, as i accidentally listened in from the other room. He likes to work from the office. I like to work from the bedroom. (Nothing changes. 😉 ) As he was printing out work and contracts, i was Googling ‘nipple tassles,’ because i really do find them sexy. They’re funny and sexy all at the same time. My hubby would find them erotic as hell…so i need to get me some nipple love. Everyone should have a pair. We should wear them under our every day clothes for secret kicks of fun. Where as people hope for a high walled shoe shelved dressing room in their dream house. I want a nipple tassel collection…by the high walled shoe shelf…of course.

Okay, my telly show is about to start and Rubes is about to get here, so I need to jog on merrily. I’m feeling excited about the future and completely over the moon.

I need one more ‘good news’ phone call and then i’m good. Then i need at least one great email and i’m dandy!

Wish me luck, as i do you.

Must dash and mooch around glamourously!



Chrissie x

ps/ My husband asked to ‘lick my boobies’ yesterday. Is that normal?


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