Lets get to slimmin’


Good morning my little pumps of dry hump-ness! Today is the day that I officially begin my ‘Celebrity Slim’ diet. It is also officially ONE MONTH from when I had my little Baby Boy ‘Junior’ and although i’ve done pretty well when it’s come to slimming the old kitten body down…I’m at the point now where a little help is needed! (Please, i’m 32…I keep reminiscing about my old body, which was 5 years ago. Lol.)

Now, I’m a glamour puss who not only celebrates curves, but also celebrates folk being who they want top be, representing what they wish to represent and rocking whatever body they fancy, be it the ‘skinny minnie’ or the ‘hot chubba-mama.’ Sexy is sexy and sexy isn’t determined by a dress size/ It’s how you work what you got and any smart ‘Diva knows that!

HOWEVER, I’ve been rocking my baby bump for 9 ENTIRE MONTHS. I haven’t been able to see my toes, let alone wiggle without a waddle and when you used to be a tragic, bubbly, bunny eared, Hollywood living Glamour model…who could *wink* at a waistline and have it appear within moments. (I mean, I’m so vain i even bought some of my body parts…Wait! Eww! That sounded creepy. I just bought boobs. But yeah, you get it, i’m body conscious and like to look, well what I consider for myself ‘sexy.’ Everyone has their own version of ‘sexy.’)

Add all of the above to the fact that this time Baby Junior was my SECOND baby. I lost the weight from my first pregnancy pretty well and pretty fast. However, everyone keeps assuring me that the second time around is much harder when it comes to finding your *ping-back.* GREAT! I want my belly to *ping* so hard it knocks my back OUT! I’m just going to  refuse to give in to such a notion and well I always get what I want… with a tickle. Therefore, i’m going to flirt with diet shakes and make them gift me with the teeny bit of kitten body that I would love to shimmie and decorate in push up bras. I’m never one who blames age on not being able to get into shape. Unless, I’m finding it hard. Then it’s because i’m old.  The Yorkshire rules to that statement are different to the Hollywood rules and since I was raised in LA, when it came to learning life and ‘being 20 something,’ I sort of always live my life by those very clever glitzy rules. They’re ridiculous, but really and in fact rather weirdly always make sense.

Anyway back to ‘Celebrity Slim.’ Last week, I ordered my shakes. A few days later they arrived. I initially picked the Celebrity Slim because I enjoyed the packaging 🙂 and it had the word ‘Celebrity’ in it. They cater to people of my sort. 🙂 Plus, I can just about do shakes that are high protein, low carb, as I can’t stand all those Herbalife bits of ‘drink me.’All diets work, if you DO them. Yet shakes can often taste yukky. These ones are delicious.

So…this is my choice of diet for the initial *zoom* of weight loss to fix me back into shape on onto the right path of ‘ooh laa.’ Having babes does do a number on ya body. Yet i’m gonna work it and work hard, to get my ‘snap’ back. **Gurrrrrl**

I”m doing a meal replacement shake in the morning, another for lunch, then a high protein, low carb meal in the evening…which for me is always salad and fish, or salad and meat. You can add snacks in between…and that’s any HEALTHY low carb snack, or the ones that they provide for you. However, I want to go for it hardcore, so I’m just going to try and do the shakes and nibble if I really have to. It’s safe enough to do so and it’s pretty much called ‘Phase 1’ for the rapid bit of initial weight loss before maintenance.

I wasn’t going to bother dieting, as I figured I would gradually rock my teeny kitten tummy again, yet after watching ‘Glee’ and the episodes where the blond Cheerleader does all the Britney Spears tracks…I pretty much now NEED AND WANT her body. I’m jealous an jealousy is good as it gives me an incentive to work hard. 🙂 Give me that body. Okay..i’ll have to get it myself. #shake1 #strawberry


I’m currently a UK size 8-10. I want to be a comfortable 8 or even 6 to 8 and well hence why i’m Celebrity ‘shakin’ it up, to bag myself a bit of *sizzle.* I want every head to stop on the street and glare at how divine I am, with applause and trophies.. by the time i’m done. Like when that bus driver in LA smashed into a car after perving on me. Tragic tale, and he did try to blame me, but great ego moment. I loved it. I loved walking around those glittery streets and having boys holla.

The only problem is i’m running on empty anyhow. I’m loving mummy hood and finally getting the hang of having a newborn and a two year old. I’ve had a lot of support and i’ve loved that. So even though you can’t be there to do my baby night shift with me…(damn you 🙂 ) it’s sort of branded itself into my system now and after a lot of encouragement, I can kinda say I have this DOWN! I’m happy.

My mum has always taught me how important it is to be independent from a man always and reminded me how I always seemed to never truly NEED one, they just so happened to always be there. Nothing’s changed and well she looked at me and with determination said, ‘You CAN cope, you’ve never ever in your entire life needed any guy to help you do ANY thing. You adore your children. Get to it.’ How true! Since those words flew out of her mouth mid-shopping fest, followed by a family Nandos with Ruby, Junior and ‘The Wunna’s, everything has changed and i’m a champion. Yeah i’ve had about an hours sleep a night, but I’m fine because if I can do anything it’s everything and that’s everything especially without having to rely on a guy…even if he’s around.

I’m getting through this and then getting my social schedule back in tact. There’s been a lot that I gave up and that ‘lot’ is getting pushed back into Wunna land. I do fancy a holiday though and a date. A sunny holiday and a romantic ‘get dressed up’ date.

The moaning is over and well aside from love, babies, getting back to work, finding my inner sexy, starting my Celebrity slim diet, getting a trainer and having both men and women from around the world hit on me. (A lot of femme are finding me ‘ooh laa’ right now. I do assure you that i’m a lesbian nor am I Bi, but I’m very flattered that you fancy a bit of ‘Asian Persuasian.’ It’s funny. At least I know that if I get through all the men on this little ball of disco earth, I can always settle down with a girl..and we can have periods together and be hormonal? Doesn’t sound too romantic to me?)

Keiran should be back today. I don’t know when? He never likes to tell me exact times or dates. (Annoying, I know. Lol) He just likes to ‘show up.’ Probably because it’s a good way for him to keep his eye on me, or he’s up to no good. It makes no sense otherwise. like when he came back form His Stag do two days early, without telling me? As if someone doesn’t know they’re exact schedule, when they’ve put the schedule together THEMSELVES! I mean, he didn’t even tell me how long he was going for this time, until I had to ask a day before. How weird?? Keeping an event or the length of time you are away for,  to yourself is bad manners. Then delivering it at the last minute doesn’t make it better. It makes your life not fun, if you’re the boy. 🙂  I’m not a silly little girl dipped in insecurity. I’m a grown up hottie, with children, a life, schedules and things that need to be put into place. I prefer to know things a head of time. Don’t we all! I’ve missed him though.

I think because I haven’t seen him in what feels like ages, it feels odd that he’s coming back? I’m not an absence makes the heart grow fonder girl. Nor am  a hater, meaning there’s no ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ It’s bizarre . It’s just like I explained before, when you’re here, you’re here and that’s dandy. When you’re not i’m running around after Rubes and Junior and getting on with life. It’s funny because when you have you’re children nothing else matters.Even when you want to escape for a vino, after a while, you’re twiddling thumbs wishing your kiddiwinkles were around you. So yeah, I may find it hard on days, but I couldn’t be without my little Mini Mee’s. I’m there Mama. (Ruby was cute yesterday she shouted, ‘DON’T YOU HURT MY MUMMY’ at Grandma. 🙂 #score #favouritechildalert Then made us buy her things for being good. My chatty little Rubes is a material girl through and through. I loved seeing her happy yesterday. She got everything she wanted and was over the moon! Bless her. Junior on the other hand is too young to have his affection purchased, so he’s happy with a cuddle and a back rub. He’s quite impatient though, meaning I’ll have another ‘Diva’ -like child. But what do you expect when Keiran and I are raising them.

Life is good. My world is delicious. I’m wanting to get back to work NOW. But I can’t as of yet, as we’re waiting for Junior to be old enough to wiggle into nursery.

Keiran’s just called and gets back at around 5pm tonight. It’ll be odd seeing him after him being gone for a week. But I love him and i’ve missed him.

Godda go!

Wiggle-Wiggle-Diet shake,

Wunna x



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