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Good morning my sexy little wiggles of love. I’m feeling much much better and I think it’s because of the sunshine, the life that i’ve been blessed with..and my rather supportive hubby. Y’know girls. When you pick a man, it’s important to pick a man who when you’re down will pick you up and do it in a cheer leader fashion, as he wraps both your hearts in a cuddly bundle of faith.

Now, i’m back to ‘ooooh yeah’ and I know i’m back to ‘oooh yeahh’ simply because i’ve managed to get back to working hard. The mulling is over, the moaning is done and the working part of Wunna land is back in operation. If you want to do well in life, you have to pack up the pity party and get on with it. When you have a family…you have an incentive to giddyup and get your pretty little arse going. We’ve decided what we want and we want money. We have love…so now i’m on a mission to gather, hunt and shimmie my bit into this bubble.

Yesterday evening was mayhem, but sweet mayhem where I had Ruby giggling and dancing her little heart away that she whopped into a giant glass vase, filled with my surprise flowers and WATER. It fell all over the floor and the fireplace, as Baby Junior was screaming and pooing for England. There were bibs and fairytale’s all over the floor, as Ruby then decided to swing around the room with BUBBLE MIXTURE in her hand and spit out carrots that didn’t take her fancy. Junior was still crying and frowning at me after a bucket load (well 2 ounces lol) of prune juice…and for the grand finale…he did a giant much needed SICK.

Now, if i was hormonal, I would’ve lost my entire mind. I’m ninja and diva, we know this and i’m not proud. However, yesterday evening, in the mayhem that was upon me, I simply sat back, smiled and laughed it off with love. I watched Ruby  play and Baby Junior grunt, let the chaos that was surrounding me dance it’s whirlwind of joy and I giggled. I have this amazing little family and although it’s mayhem..it’s marvellous.

Keiran and I have come a long way. I mean to say we were never getting married on our first date, we sure as hell have pulled a ‘360’, as we sit here and high five a marriage, and a family of FOUR. Jeepers! Fast movers.

Our love is about doing things fast and not ‘fast’ simply because we want to deliberately be impulsive on purpose. Yet fast in the sense of the way society sees it, as to us, it’s a very normal rate of speed. We’ve always acted ‘on heart’ as I call it and never stifled our love to a time frame. We loved whole heartedly right from the word go. That’s what makes love romantic and to this day our romance is still alive.

I don’t actually have anything else to report, other than it’s sunny and i’m happy, so i won’t bore you and churn out jiggery pokery simply for the sake of. I’m getting on with a lot of work today and it feels great! In the words of my husband…’she’s back.’ 🙂


I love it.


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